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Very Bad
  • Br***** 56 years

    I thoroughly enjoy the app.I haven't been so entertained and talked to sooo naughty possibly ever.Met some beautiful fun women!Haven't found a help c... hat to ask questions about different functions. «»

  • Luc**** 28 years

    It's up to you. I didn't have any trouble meeting nice men. It was a lot of fun. The only thing you'll get if you start out negative is what you'll en... d up with. Be happy. They were very nice to me. I would recommend this site to other people, too.Scammers but they are everywhere so «»

  • Gunt*** 59 years

    NothingThis site is an outrageous fraud. Right away, I was asked for my phone number so the "woman" I was speaking with could text me. Fortunately, I... have a texting number separate from my phone so I was curious to see what would happen. Within moments, she admitted to being a prostitute, even sharing her "rates" with me. I reported her immediately. Another person was a Russian scammer, eager to have me sign up for a "Meet Up" card - one of the biggest and most well-known internet scams. A third person had a pic on her profile which actually belonged to porn actress Tori Black aka Michelle Chapman. At first, she denied it then said she was Tori. When I requested a selfie with my first name and the date written on a piece of paper, she refused. Yet another scammer. All were reported and I have their text messages as evidence of what I've said here. I immediately cancelled my membership and after a lot of b.s., the site is refunding my one month fee. Stay away from this site. «»

  • Dbea*** 55 years

    It was ALL a scam. The msgs I received were fakes and some had the exact same msgs for different "users". No responses from 99% of them if I replie... d. Only 1 person in all the replies was real. Too easy to be sucked into paying for memberships at the sister sites these people own. You click on the wrong banner and BOOM, there's another site membership. Trying to cancel is a nightmare. You have to jump thru hoops again and again, then wait for a cancellation code that never comes. It's a scam, hoping when you get billed you'll be too embarrassed to do anything about it. «»

  • Sam *** 43 years

    BeNaughty is the same company as MeetWild, and they are overflowing with fake accounts. Almost every profile says the identical "Looking to meet someo... ne 18 to 78 from Any City." Canceling my subscription was near impossible, too, and required me to really pay attention to their double speak when they offered, as a bonus incentive, to extend my membership for free (unstated: it would force a subscription renewal at the end of the "free" extension). «»

  • T****** 30 years

    Benaughty also contains fake accounts. You suscribe and directly receive tens of messages... Even if you apply the security "filters", you only got fa... ke accounts. Even supposedly "checked" accounts are fake !! You should definitely avoid this website, trust me, don't loose your money on this website !! «»

  • Alvi*** 60 years

    Signed up on September 2, 2020 morning after three to four hours of reading reviews two days prior online at dating Listed as #4 in their a... rticle 12 Best Free Apps for Sexting Strangers. Profile setup and photo approval very fast. Upon selecting the three month, with one day free trial paid membership and card setup page, the site immediately takes you too another come on page offering three choices of upgrades the best sounded was listed at $23.31 per month promotional price. Caution: Be careful on advancing your payment processing here because they will snare you with an automated upgrade selection on that said choice for you. Check your bank account to see if it’s there! So after several hours of back and forth with a few interested and a few not so hot women , and a lot of bots, web cam models or prostitutes in other cities all approaching me as a bait and hook target seeking to lead me to a p.n (phone number) hangouts (Google messaging app or gmail) or other wayward lea-dons,essentially getting nowhere on my first day here. I went to bed. Next morning there’s way less activity and one response only to my prior days one sided chat questions. If you chose to request a refund and cancellation of auto renewal fees at full price be sure to request that specifically. Two words that need to be stated clearly. Customer Service is only authorized to cancel your renewal fees. They will give you an admin email to request your money back. However Used that address C.S. gave me to forward my paid receipt to and to First was a dud address with mail returned. Second admin address was successful. I also called 1-800-848-5413 p.n to request for a refund additionally. These agents sound are Indian women I think and with poor English skills so be patient with them as they struggle to help you. Be kind, rewind! They may ask you issued #ID, first six numbers on your card and email associated with account. Overall three stars with some patience required for one days experience. «»

  • Art**** 35 years

    Luv to have fun

  • Eliz*** 33 years

    Is very good site

  • T****** 42 years

    Total Crap, don't waste your money. Not a single valid profile. 20+ bot messages per day.

  • Sand*** 30 years


  • ja***** 46 years

    I don’t find the site very good. I get a ton of people impersonating real people at least 10 a day wanted me to click their profile or text them my ph... one number. Not happy with the site at all it was a waste of money. «»

  • Gust*** 39 years

    BeNaughty in Canada is just a scam full of fake profiles I have seen a lot of those photos on Instagram when chatting girls write to you but don't ans... wer back when they do it might be 4 or five interactions, 90% of the profiles lack general description, the ones that have video only promote their webcam show when wanted a refund after just the first day they came out with BS very likely to be using bots or someone else claiming to be live on cameras and typing with no fingers on the keyboard, don't recommend to try the version here in Canada. «»

  • MASA*** 53 years

    Maybe only chat. I can see video only one time .

  • Jaco*** 57 years

    BeNaughty is a total fraud. The profiles are phony and all correspondence is AI driven. All the messages are basically the same - here's my photo what... do you think of me? or I made a bet I could chat with a stranger up here or similar crap. Profiles claim to be from your city but will never answer any questions about local events or landmarks. After a great chat with any of them, you never hear from the profiles again.Save your money. BeNaughty is a come-on for similar phony sites that use the same phony profiles. It's all a total scam. «»

  • Joe *** 41 years

    Fake Profiles. Messages do not go through. Was getting very little read responses so i tested by creating an account as a lady and sent messages to an... d from my two accounts. not one of the messages it sent was received from my accounts. They also fraud your credit card by adding charges even when you have canceled your subscription «»

  • J****** 57 years

    Something fishy about this. I got plenty of women sending brief hellos and then not responding. I tried an experiment where I looked at a set of prof... iles and in half of the cases I got a message or a like within a minute of viewing the profile, but none replied to my messages. «»

  • John*** 56 years

    I am unable to unsubscribe from this site

  • al***** 36 years

    This company is a scam. Don't hope to see any real women there, even "verified" ones. Once you try to cancel your credit card payments, they they pass... your card information to other companies start charging you through their sister companies. I had to cancel my credit card. «»

  • Lo***** 31 years

    It is a total scam, with random usernames and profile pictures taken from the web, adwertised as "close to you". And you get a bunch of messages (auto... mated, of course) from members "wanting to meet you. Contrary to how it is advertised here, you can NOT try it for free, even the picture above shows that a 3 day trial would also cost you money.Not worth wasting your time with this site, nor this shill review. «»

  • Mi***** 48 years

    Bad fraudulent site, mostly composed of fake profiles trying to divert you to their affiliate other sites (same concept). Obscure and scammy billing p... rocedures.Little is real in the members profiles, perhaps just 25%. A complete loss of time, energy & money. «»

  • Seey*** 52 years

    Total scam site. You never actually meet anyone. These women are looking for "chats" and no one ever wants to meet in person. Worst dating site I've b... een on by far. «»

  • Chr**** 43 years

    Do NOT sign up for this page. Only fakes and even after canceling my account they still expect me to pay for the second month. You get a lot of messag... es and when you reply you get no response back. «»

  • Jean*** 32 years

    This site is à piece of shit. You receive a lot of message when you subscribe but all of them are from robot. You cant read them until you pay and the... n you realise you have been fucked because all the messages you received are from robot. And once you paid, you receive no more message or very few. If you respond to any of the message you received, you'll realise that your not talking to à real person. Benaughty only want your cash and the review of this site is a fake. «»

  • D****** 28 years

    The website is honestly horrible. Majority bots. I tried a 3 day trail and had some interesting conversations but they all ended the same way with the... m having go with a similar excuse. All the other male users in chat experienced this and would talk and chat about barrage of fake profiles. I know some websites they use a couple of fakes to entice you but the majority of this site is fakes and the whole time I was there I never felt like I was talking to a real person. Don't waste your money or time here. The site is full frauds. «»

  • alis*** 27 years


  • Da***** 27 years

    SUCKS!!!!! Getting hundreds of fake notifications and emails from fake, computer generated so called members......

  • Larr*** 36 years
    08.03.2019 is a scam. I signed up for the 3 day trial and out of the dozens I've talked to, not a single one passed the Turing test that I laid out... . Every Single One was a bot. «»

  • t****** 48 years

    All the people contacted me are scammer asking for money and pay there manager in Philippine

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