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Very Bad
  • Doer*** 53 years

    There is not a single thing I likedI have been struggling for almost 2 months to delete my account, with no success

  • E****** 45 years

    A) SERVICE: you set your filters to meet ladies between 30 and 45, and they send you DUDES and GRANNIES instead, cause that's all they have.B) SCAM:... So you send them an email that you want to cancel, forget all about it and several months later, there's money disappearing from your account, and after asking the bank to investigate, they find out it's a company called be2 in Luxembourg, known dating platform scammers with extremely bad ratings everywhere. Needless to say, they refer to their fine prints you never saw, if they reply at all, and won't reimburse you. «»

  • Albe*** 26 years

    Still a starter i need Be2 to have a mobile payment

  • J****** 44 years

    There are good profiles, but they don't answer.... Particulary with the ending of their profile...

  • clai*** 45 years

    I don't like the messages that keep coming up I want them removed how do I do that

  • John*** 35 years

    It's a scam! Stay away from this site!

  • Dan *** 60 years

    Full of scamers.Extremly expensive for what they are offering.They take from your account more money than the declared membership amount:Monthly no... rmal Premium account: 15.59 RONAmount taked from my bank: 300 RONThe procesure to delete the account is especialy make strange to remain member.Cannot give any star.... however one is minimum! «»

  • M****** 48 years

    Be aware, this company is using different front names for on-line dating and charged "members" unauthorized charges. They do not inform you like what ... they claimed - will notify you 14 days before your membership is due, and also charge you the amount of money you didn't agree to. Unless you are in Luxembourg, that you might be able to pay their address a visit, otherwise you can only reach them via email or FAX. Their "membership cancellation option" on their website does not work, it links you back to the page you were, therefore you can't cancel or modify your membership online, hence, you cannot cancel you profile. Be very careful about this company. They emailed me one day said they canceled my membership, the next day emailed me again from different email address but the same:be2 S.à.r.l. 13 rue du Commerce, L-1351 LuxembourgCommercial Register : B123206Managing Director : Laetitia Pateauand told me that my membership is still good since they charged me (I faxed and emailed my cancelation form with signature to almost all of they customer services that has the same commercial register, same managing director) and I did not cancel my membership 14 days before the deadline, my membership is still GOOD till 2019! What a conflict themselves? Don't sigh up! It's a scam! «»

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