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Very Bad
  • Mar**** 59 years

    See a lot of potential brides. Easy to sign up.More younger ladies DO want older men. Not like what the critic says in his article.More likely get... reply than most sites I was member of.No prejudice seen so far.Creative logo. But current logo is too boring now. Like the old one with all lower case to match the O. Mostly scammers and players. Biggest con is location. They lied about where they live. Practically 95 percent are actually foreigners lying about where they live. I only want American female. Unfortunately you get foreign ladies. I don't recommend Badoo. «»

  • Ja***** 59 years

    NOTHING!Massively infested with thousands of AI-generated fakes. There are also dangerous hackers, scammers, thieves & worse...

  • Dan**** 39 years

    The only thing I recognize it works on Badoo is that I never seen people using it outside the purpose of dating. No fake, profiles, no scams or spam. ... Almost all the profiles are real people. Badoo has lost a lot of quality. Some examples here:1. You are searching for girls and mens show up for no reason. 2. You are using the "people nearby" feature and suddently, you are redirected, for no reason to the encounters page. 3. You are searching for people online, and your must mark this again every time you search for people online. 4. You are swiping people and after about each 10 profiles and empty page shows for no reason. 5. You get constantly annoyed by messages like "we have updated your filters". Which is never true and it's just useless. 6. You get inconsistent search results: for example, you are searching for people in the Dominican Republic, and some search results come from Haiti, Cuba, Venezuela or other countries that have nothing to do with the Dominican Republic, just because maybe these live in a city or province having the same name.7. You cannot see who visited you or the list of new members in the mobile version. 8. You are searching for people in your city, you set your filters for this and you get search results from remote provinces.9. Only 1% of people will read your messages. 10. If you don't have a gps constantly turned on, you constantly get annoyed by requests of permissions. Also, the Badoo way to treat people is highly irrespectful. I will tell you my personal experience. Last time I used Badoo, I wanted to meet a new girl and I started writing to several of them. After a while I got a yellow flag telling me I had violated the site's guidelines. And if that happened a second time they were going to close my account.I wrote to Badoo support asking for explanations because, as far as I knew, I did absolutely nothing. They sent me a confusing answer, according to which, after several complaints from users and after verifying the situation, the Badoo moderation decided to send me a warning. Without an explanation at all. I wrote them back again, telling that it's impossible to respect a rule if I do not know the reason for which they had sent me the warning.As a response, I received a new warning, telling me that my account has been permanently and irreversibly moderated. Again, without giving an explanation, without any possible reason and closing the thread without giving the possibility to reply back (!!!!!).After thinking for a while and re-reading the Badoo rules, I realized that the only thing I could have done, was sending the same message to several girls, and the message was"hi where are you from?"But sending the same message to several girls is not a reportable thing, unless the same person had several accounts and received from me the same message. Highly improbable. Therefore the Badoo staff lied, the fact that several people reported my profile was a total lie, another of so many.Yes, it's true, I sent the same message to several girls, but this message was still better than the automatic messages Badoo constantly sends you pretending to be someone, invites you to send or when they lie saying someone has written to you (automatic messages), or someone wants to chat (not true) or someone liked you (almost always false).How could one respect such a web site? A site that moderates you for no reason whatsoever without giving you any explanation and only because, in good faith, you have asked for an explanation about a violation you honesetly ignored? Refusing to say what the violation was is really ridiculous.Now, dear reader, could just provide me only one reason for which I would avoid to send the same message to several people? Just one reason for sending different messages to girls I don't know and acknowledging perfectly well that 90% of these will not even read my message.And does it make sense to send me a warning, offending me with petulant comments like "we're not 5 years old anymore" and then permanently moderating my account just because I asked for an explanation? How can you follow a rule without even understanding what you violated? Does it make sense to be censored and moderated just because you honestly didn't understand and asked for an explanation?Well, this is what happened. Worse than in the worst of dictatorships. So I don't give a fuck if Badoo banned my profile for reasons only Badoo understands. It seems that Badoo likes a lot to repress people rather than teach them, according to the stupid, arrogant, totalitarian methods they use.Unfortunately for them and lots of stupid people, I'm not the kind of person that makes the same mistake twice. I don't need their censorship and intimidations. Their CEO is a petulant, arrogant and mesquine human being. I have been feeling this from the very beginning, (I was using Badoo since 2007). He probably suffers from a narcissistic personality disorder, just like Donald Trump, and I would no wonder to notice a very similar behaviour.Why has Badoo dropped the Super Powers? Because nobody gave a shit to them and their stupid and incorrect way to make money.Does Badoo website really work? Not a chance. I have been using it since 2007 and I never dated a girl that has been worth anything, a single f***ing time. NEVER!! Still I dated several girls in other places and in real life. Therefore the problem was not me, it was Badoo.Something is just not working with them, therefore their "honest" way to dating is a pure shit. Badoo failed. Badoo doesn't want people succeed. They just want money. Money vilely earned.Consequently I'm very happy to be out now. I just hope that very soon a decent competitor with a better product will crush it. I recently discovered and it is hugely promising. They have observed the dating industry for years and they have committed to avoid the same mistakes. And delivered a great product, still new, but a real revolution. «»

  • K****** 27 years

    Nothing This man can’t fuck. He’s in love with his best friend and has daddy issues. I wasn’t supposed to meet him. His penis is smaller than my penc... il. I don’t love him «»

  • L****** 70 years

    Stay away from this site ! Badoo is a scam ! They use tricks to rip you off. For instance, if I click on an icon to upgrade, they charge me immedia... tely without letting me read the information. Even if I pay to be a member, they charge me extra to be able to communicate to some members. Stay away from this site. «»

  • Mar**** 49 years

    I cannot recall anything positive.Badoo is essentially just a scam site targeted towards men. It is not free to contact anybody anymore - you have to... pay, and a lot. Just tu write to some long dead or a fake profile - or mostly, to a bored women, that would not answer. The male profiles are handled intentionally poorly by Badoo to make you spend as much money as possible. This is definitely no place to meet somebody, only to lose your money and illusions. «»

  • Debb*** 62 years

    NothingI met a guy in person,but found out it wasn't him, because I ran into him and he never met me! I met slot of scammers and fakes! I do not reco... mmend anyone to go on this.When they show" not a catfish,that's bull! «»

  • Jos**** 66 years

    Not much!To be practical, it is NOT free, and is extremely sexist - men's profiles are given less than 50% of the text length of women; are subject t... o an enormous amount of manipulation, & constantly blocked from communications unless they pay 200 "points" - which triggers an unauthorized €39.99 fee. And the publicity is false - they are most certainly scammers - faux profils - on the site. «»

  • Sigi*** 35 years

    Wooow badoo totally suck, I ve been normal single mom chatting, and just like that, blocked account, and no prove showed, kicked out.. Wooow.. And if ... u met somewhere there and had great conversation then u done.. At least they could sent copy of problem, prove.. Not gonna ever suggest this app as it doesn't deal with problem of there is one. «»

  • R****** 35 years

    I like badoo

  • Gre**** 62 years

    In the past I've enjoyed the great lookalikes feature at badoo, but in last time they canceled the feature. Now badoo is a community like each other, ... no specials «»

  • anon*** 50 years

    Badoo is the worst dating site I ever have seen! Some men there even married on their profile and later confirmed that they are! Even some men are t... here just hooked up! I will not advice to find any true love there! More likely men's hunting ground! «»

  • Fuck*** 25 years

    "Since Badoo dating is a free service, messaging other users is possible, even without paying for premium services. The only thing you need to start a... conversation is to upload a photo of yourself on the site. " This is a total LIE!!! to message somebody you need credits, 200 to be exact! if you or the other member don't have these credits, there is no way in hell that you can contact each other. and if you decide to buy credits to message somebody you're interested in, the other person CAN'T reply unless he or she buys credits too. So the premium account is BS because it's only good for certain things, if you want to take advantage of everything that Badoo has to offer, be prepared to spend a whole lot of money! «»

  • G****** 31 years

    Badoo put fake charges through on my credit card. Avoid Badoo at all costs. They'll scam you. There's zero customer service afterwards. They only send... automated messages. «»

  • den**** 39 years

    Never ever use the Badoo. Do not even download this app on your phone ever. Badoo did unauthorizedly charged my credit card $131 dollars after I down... loaded their app on my phone! After I report the problem 4 tines they just do not even reply to my queries. It's online criminals and cheaters! New Zealand bank cannot do anything against od this rubbery company. They rub millions of ppl. I run online business and I know a lot about. I personally will never use the Badoo «»

  • Ma***** 58 years

    Limited distance of search and not enough members in my area. Not good enough.

  • Sus**** 63 years

    Horrible site - everyone that has contacted me in 3 mos have all been scammers and fakes. The pictures have been fakes, the people have been fakes.Y... ou get what you pay for --- don't fall for the Badoo bad trip. I can share all the fake names I have. «»

  • Jame*** 34 years

    Badoo attached the wrong sexual interest to my account. There was no way to change this!

  • Anon*** 30 years

    Very bad! Fake profiles. Fake replies. Fake notifications. I even got a message from someone i actually know, after a bad review of service, that i ca... me to know, was not sent by the person. TO just like a profile you need to pay. To talk, pay..and could almost think that is normal but, after realzing the price you're paying for a message that it will either not even be read, or being sent for a fake profile bot. Plus... they rate people on looks and your "popularity" goes down instantly after a couple of minutes if you don't pay some more. They always had subscription services and that was fine ofc. But now it's just a money making machine. «»

  • f****** 36 years

    run by a greedy Armenian owner, it fucks you over EVERYWHERE it can, from accidentally showing you have less credits so you have to buy more, to autom... atically RECONNECTING your card after youve deleted it and charging it illegally. «»

  • Stel*** 73 years

    I have being locked out so long I cant remember emailed to asking what the reason and still no answer. I am asking again what is the real reason for k... eeping meet off.Things are getting messy. Right now I would not recommend anyone and not rating for now «»

  • zeff*** 41 years

    Honestly, there are so many more effective ways than using Badoo. Best to stay away from this site/app. I tried it for about 5 weeks and even paid for... the premium subscription to test the effectiveness of badoo to the max...and it falls down on so many points that I can't recommend it..1. Badoo is purely a money-making scheme with little concern for really connecting you with people2. There are a number of dirty tricks they play to convince people to sign up to their subscriptions3. There is little likelihood of success in badoo, even in a city and even if you throw lots of money and effort at it4. Because of non-existent customer service, you will have great difficulty trying to get out of their recurring subscriptions and they'll just keep charging you. It's pretty fraudulent as even their authentication to contact customer services will usually throw up an error so you simply can't get through to them to cancel.Bottom line: basically a scam, and almost no recourse to customer support if you need to get out of the dodgy subscription system they have going. «»

  • Caro*** 55 years

    Not good but I didn't realise it was more of a hook up site and met someone the next evening for dinner. His real interest was just hooking up so when... I got home I tried to delete my account but eventually realised I hadn't verified my email I had to turn the sound off my phone because of the amount of hits I was getting. I did manage to delete my profile but my account won't be deleted by Badoo for 30 days which is really unsettling and makes a person feel very vulnerable but then I should have researched it thoroughly. At least with the likes of tinder you know what it is. «»

  • Imr**** 38 years

    very bad experience, majority women pictures are fake , , no quality of service, instead of member ship they collect up profile charges and many other... daily basis and its more hi charges than membership fee,strongly not recommended, their focus only to collect money, as soon as possible if you become member they collect at-least 100 USD, in first week or maximum 10 days by show you some charming feature, might be some girls like you and show you interest but they never reply you (because its Badoo,s own system to collect money soon)i strongly not recomended «»

  • Nico*** 28 years

    I would not recommend Badoo to others.They deleted my profile for telling some creep to leave me alone, and when I tried finding out what was the reas... on they deleted me they said "Badoo is supposed to be fun." I guess I'm supposed to just be nice to every creep when they send me a library of dick pictures? «»

  • Cris*** 35 years

    Sooooooo I had a very nasty experience on this site. A lot going on. There are only obsessed people searching for sex. Nothing serious. People with fa... ke pictures. I spent a lot of hours with this freaky guys on live sessions cooking, having my makeup done ,singing and I made 8000 credits. After few days they took me out of credits and I have left 5800. Today I have my account blocked. They say because I published inappropriate content. Bullshit. Because too many credits were already being collected and they were afraid of withdrawing. Soooooo don't waste time with this two-dollar site. They make a lot of money on our backs. Plus, I heard that if you buy credits and put it back once, it takes you every month without asking. «»

  • a****** 28 years

    I did not care for this site at all. It has some of the skeeviest people. I ended up deleting my account within one week. They have very few search... and message filters which leaves you open to messages from people across the country and just a nuisance. «»