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Very Bad
  • Gary*** 64 years

    NothingIt is a hole in cyberspace you pour money into. If you want to find true love buy a dog. They tell you what what they think you might want to ... hear. Just to keep you buying creditsI never realized there were so many beautiful billionaire Chinese women who wanted to marry me. Read the reviews like I should have done. «»

  • Char*** 42 years

    Pretty ladies in the picturesEverything else. It's really just a scam. I purchased credits and have regretted ever since. My card suddenly had severa... l unknown charges popping up every hour or so. «»

  • Ja***** 47 years

    Easy to use. As soon as I started chatting with a woman she wanted to send an email. Fine. I read it but then I replied in the chat but that wasn't g... ood enough, she wanted me to reply in the email. Even after I told her it was 30 credits for me to email. She was only interested in having me buy more credits to email her rather then chat because she is probably an employee payed to get men to buy credits. Worst experience of my year. «»

  • Matt*** 50 years

    There is nothing REAL to like about the site as it is a total scam!! It was obvious from the first 3 minutes when all these women immediately contact... you telling you that you are the man of their dreams when I didn’t even have a photo of me in my profile and never spoke a word to any of them. The woman are obviously making money regardless of the what the liars running the site claim as they are constantly trying to get you to spend as much as possible. they demand you spend 3000 credits ($800) before they will allow you to exchange contact information. However the woman I was speaking with refused to talk with me on a free site and would almost never use the email she gave while insisting I continue to pay to speak with her. I then tried a few more ladies only to find it was always the same. They all play dumb or just refuse to answer basic questions when it comes to discussing chatting on a free site. If you want to meet real Asian ladies go to your local China town or Asian grocery. Again the site is a complete and totalscam. I went all the way down the rabbit hole spending over $3k to find out for certain what I suspected in the first 3 minutes. Look at the reviews on as they all tell the same stories. Don’t believe ANY sites that claim Asian Melodies is a legit site! Anyone claiming the site is legit is either a brazen liar or a complete moron. Like the evil sirens who songs drew ships to their deaths smashing on the rocks of the shoreline, these lying con artists will suck up all your money with pure fantasy. But go ahead and try if for free yourself and see what you discover with you free credits. I’ll hate to say I told you so!! «»

  • Fred*** 58 years

    Many women contact me on a daily basis, sending me pictures, stickers, texts and emails. I've decided once to focus on one girl. At first, she tried... to trick me saying as I didn't respond to her many messages, perhaps I wasn't the right man for her. So, in order not to lose her, I decided to purchase a medium package of credits and use it only to text to her.What I found is she was always online, during my morning, my afternoon and even my evening, even though that must have her well in the middle of the night where she's from. She's responding that I'm perhaps not interested in her as I don't want to text to her every day. So she remarks that I'm online again and again, but that I don't chat with her, and perhaps she shouldn't believe my nice words anymore. (perhaps to trick me into responding and continuing our chats which I need to purchase extra credits for) «»

  • Ja***** 70 years

    The site is easy to use, support is excellent. The ladies are real. I've had no issue exchanging email ids. There is no censoring of contact info. I'v... e met a number of incredible women over the past year.It's expensive and rates just increased this month. Dating scouts published rate info is well out of date. «»

  • Mich*** 25 years

    Not a damn thingYou are charged 1st message $1.50 then $3 per message after that, how tf is this site considered "free to use and cheap for your time... " 🤔 legit think the positive reviews are just fake profiles made by the developers. There is no way the average person is spending 100 dollars just trying to weed out fake accounts let along just to talk to someone in general. There are so many other sites that have free messaging and less bots «»

  • R****** 73 years

    The lady I am chatting with seems real. The responses to my chats are timely and on point. I have tried to use other sites, but none is close to bei... ng as advertised. Asian Melodies seem to be very different. It appears reputable. When using the internet, a scam is always possible. I do not think this is a scam site.It is a bit expensive. I often find I am not given the space to totally complete what I am writing. «»

  • Sha**** 28 years

    this is bullshit. you cannot even get any information because they block phone numbers and emails. this is bullshit. you cannot even get any informat... ion because they block phone numbers and emails «»

  • Burt*** 50 years

    Visual of women profiles are beautiful I’ve been on the site for 1 year and 6 months and finally had to give it up , I honestly spent at least 32,000... US meeting people . Having conversations up to 3000 credits and after sending the request for information, get rejected at least by 10 women who claim that they’re in love and needed the relationship. Some came up with so many excuses, they click the reject button by mistake, let chat some more on the site , maybe we should chat more and more to get to know each other better . Remember these are the same people that’s been saying let get to contact exchange fast because they need a serious relationship. So do the calculations of 3000 credits by at least 15 women profiles then you know how much you’ve spent . Finally when you get upset that this is the same person who was excited now just making excuses, they switch it around saying you’re not a good person because you’re getting upset 😔😔 . My advise is to stay away from this site it’s a money pit , and st the end you have no idea if it’s dudes behind a desk you’re speaking with «»

  • Chr**** 70 years

    Many women seem to be on this site, and you can see their photos if you are into photoshopping, BUT, read what I do NOT like:You have to buy credits ... to do most things.You do not know if the women are real, too many are fake.Many women claim to be rich or doctors at age 22. Bogus. Women solicit you in attempts to get you to buy credits.Too many 19 to 23-year-olds bombard you with form texts and letters to get you to respond so that you have to buy credits to respond to them.Costs at least $600 plus to respond to ONE woman while dozens bombard you with new contacts every day, hoping you will spend money on them too. «»

  • Rich*** 55 years

    Lots of beautiful womenafter reaching 3,000 credits, the only contact information the girl had was a phone number that didn't work and no e-mail but ... after 1 year of complaining to Support Team sent me this "Please be informed that the lady has created a new account. The relevant email address is goodluckok" That is a slap in the face, I read it as "Good Luck Cock Sucker" Shut your hole and just spend more money Bitch! I Love it when these stupid Fake ass profiles send a selfie of a woman that dosen't even come close to the girl you are chating with, I checked her profile and still no e-mail, But she did sent me a few e-mails and I responded many times and she has the balls to tell me (Did you get my e-mails?) So I already know where she is going with this, Just like her phone number, Support Team said here is her e-mail, But I told them it does not work, just like her phone number, So I told the Support Team " It's ok! I will just tie a note to a pigeon's leg and hope it gets to her, at least I will have better luck that way!" «»

  • Gera*** 68 years

    Good selection of Women. I was looking to a potential bride in an appropriate age bracket and I found one and we immediately hit it off. I feel the n... eed to add to this review. I have been a victim of this site. I spend many hundreds of dollars to utilize the credits required to communicate with and reach a milestone get the contact information on a particular 62 yo lady in Shenyang China. Once the landmark was achiever I waited the described 7 days to receive her information and when that was not forthcoming I contacted customer service who advised me to wait another 24 hours and they sent me an email form a so called Senior customer service representative named "Harry" saying they were contacting their regional partner to expedite the request. At the same time I was simultaneously locked out of the site. My login attempts are met with an everlasting hourglass (actually a series of blue dots) and a message of "logging in" . My attempt to correct that by contacting "Harry" by email was responded to by an autoresponder that says my inquiry has been passed to customer service for review. It has now been 4 days and the hourglass is still spinning. Every attempt I have made to contact "Harry" by email has been received by an autoresponder. It now appears this was definitely a scam. Let the buyer beware.... «»

  • Rich*** 64 years

    I asked my choice to join a cheaper site with me. So far, so good. I also was suspicious of some ladies whose profile pictures were altered. So, I ask... ed for an unaltered picture as my filter,Cost $$$$$$$$$$$$$$. «»

  • Thom*** 33 years

    It's easy to sine up It's kind of expensive. When I ask if we can talk using something besides the web side she just says we can talk here. she acted... like she was really into be but I think she talking to other people. I don't know if I should be cool with that «»

  • J****** 35 years

    For the love of god, do NOT waste your money. So I have been on AsianMelodies for 1 month now, I have been talking to 4 women simultaneously. I also ... have spent enough credits (3000 each), to be able to request information form them. At first, they will tell you exchanging information is all they want, and they don't want to be on that site anymore... Once the time comes, the wrath of God seems to hit.. All four women "broke their phones". What are the odds right?! I offered even to buy them a new phone and have them pick it up near them. They all refused, with no explanation other than they want to take care of the issue. So I am pretty sure they will do whatever it takes to keep you on that site. I am certain the site pays them for the men they talk to, because they are essentially making the site money. Also, I found a few women the site on Instagram. I sent them a message, and they were shocked to find out about a dating profile with their information. I went back and confronted the woman on the dating website, and by God she had an excuse for everything, "Oh that account got hacked last year, I haven't used it since then!"Overall, AsianMelodies is a COMPLETE waste of money. Steer clear Gents. This is a scam. «»

  • Kili*** 54 years

    Supernice pictures a lot of womenMuch to good looking Ladies. To god to be true. Very expensive with the credits. A good indicator for a scam is, whe... n Ladies wanna have sex and marry you, even you removed all your own pictures, they pretend to be your Honey...etc.I doubt, that even a single profile there is true «»

  • Lar**** 57 years

    The ladies will gladly talk with you since I'm sure they are getting kickbacks for talking with you. Yes I have found real ladies on here that have se... nt their pictures.You have to spend hundreds of dollars on one person just to get personal information. They make it seem like you are getting phone number, address etc. Only to just get and email address and then they really don't want to email you cause they are not getting any kick backs. The lead you on like they dating and in love until you try to contact their personal email.Stay away from this site! You have been warned.If you lonely and got plenty of money to waste, then go for it. If you looking for true life partner try other reputable sites. Do your research on internet. No success stories that I've seen on Asian melodies. «»

  • joh**** 57 years

    fake site . not use it. I spend more than 3000 credit to contact a girl, but after I spend and contact exchange. the girl only gave personal e-mail no... t a phone number. and she doesn't want give her contact. The site is purposely making this kind of scam form male to spend money and boom their business. No ethics. It is scam site . Don't use it.yes. This site is scam totally. «»

  • s****** 38 years

    am not a hundre percent happy with this site,i ask them for the information of a girl that i was speaking with and they told me that i have to spend 3... 000 credits of talk time before they give me the ladies contact info i thought that was very disingenious,and they use assistant to get the men to use more credit in other words at times you could br speaking to a computer of someone that is not the girl you are comminicating with,and i am a little suspicious but i will wait and see plus the women use automated message «»

  • Rus**** 60 years

    I am sure the whole time I was on the site and spent a few hundred dollars that I was not talking to the woman in the picture. I am pretty there was s... omeone else other than the beautiful woman making and receiving the messages. I am sure most or all of my experience was copy and paste pre recorded phrases. Waste of time and heart breaking. «»

  • John*** 56 years

    I think it is not a good site u can’t ever Contact the person that you were texting because they block any numbers you sent to them like phone numbers... or emails so you continue to keep paying and paying to talk to these on text and you can never ever get a hold of them because they block any time you send a phone number or an email they block it for site is a scam bullshit «»

  • Ca***** 68 years

    On the surface this site looks great but my experience was poor. The cost is transaction based rather than time based. In other words, each text, pi... cture or view incurred a charge. A monthly fixed fee was not available. Also, once an apparent mutual interest was established the site required hundreds of dollars of additional payments, additional identity verification and other hoops to jump through in order to exchange personal email addresses, phone numbers or other contact information. Also, the site shows few women in the US. This is the worst dating site I've experienced. «»

  • Xavi*** 34 years

    I do get a lot of women messaging me, but spending money on limited tokens just to chat really is let down.myou have to spend and spend for just messa... ging these beauties. If they had the same qualities as eharmony I would love that. I don’t Even know if these women are real or fake, I think it’s fake to this fake and a horrible way to find love. Horrible «»

  • Dar**** 58 years

    The problem with Asian Melodies is it is very expensive to do anything on there if you want to get a girl's contact information you have to spend thre... e thousand credits on that particular girl which will cost you a minimum of $600 also the site blocks anything you try to put through his personal information until you spent the 3000 credits and also they will out of nowhere block a girl from you like you did it when you really didn't «»

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