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  • Ja***** 70 years

    The site is easy to use, support is excellent. The ladies are real. I've had no issue exchanging email ids. There is no censoring of contact info. I'v... e met a number of incredible women over the past year.It's expensive and rates just increased this month. Dating scouts published rate info is well out of date. «»

  • R****** 73 years

    The lady I am chatting with seems real. The responses to my chats are timely and on point. I have tried to use other sites, but none is close to bei... ng as advertised. Asian Melodies seem to be very different. It appears reputable. When using the internet, a scam is always possible. I do not think this is a scam site.It is a bit expensive. I often find I am not given the space to totally complete what I am writing. «»

  • Rich*** 64 years

    I asked my choice to join a cheaper site with me. So far, so good. I also was suspicious of some ladies whose profile pictures were altered. So, I ask... ed for an unaltered picture as my filter,Cost $$$$$$$$$$$$$$. «»

  • s****** 38 years

    am not a hundre percent happy with this site,i ask them for the information of a girl that i was speaking with and they told me that i have to spend 3... 000 credits of talk time before they give me the ladies contact info i thought that was very disingenious,and they use assistant to get the men to use more credit in other words at times you could br speaking to a computer of someone that is not the girl you are comminicating with,and i am a little suspicious but i will wait and see plus the women use automated message «»

  • Rus**** 60 years

    I am sure the whole time I was on the site and spent a few hundred dollars that I was not talking to the woman in the picture. I am pretty there was s... omeone else other than the beautiful woman making and receiving the messages. I am sure most or all of my experience was copy and paste pre recorded phrases. Waste of time and heart breaking. «»

  • John*** 56 years

    I think it is not a good site u can’t ever Contact the person that you were texting because they block any numbers you sent to them like phone numbers... or emails so you continue to keep paying and paying to talk to these on text and you can never ever get a hold of them because they block any time you send a phone number or an email they block it for site is a scam bullshit «»

  • Ca***** 68 years

    On the surface this site looks great but my experience was poor. The cost is transaction based rather than time based. In other words, each text, pi... cture or view incurred a charge. A monthly fixed fee was not available. Also, once an apparent mutual interest was established the site required hundreds of dollars of additional payments, additional identity verification and other hoops to jump through in order to exchange personal email addresses, phone numbers or other contact information. Also, the site shows few women in the US. This is the worst dating site I've experienced. «»

  • Xavi*** 34 years

    I do get a lot of women messaging me, but spending money on limited tokens just to chat really is let down.myou have to spend and spend for just messa... ging these beauties. If they had the same qualities as eharmony I would love that. I don’t Even know if these women are real or fake, I think it’s fake to this fake and a horrible way to find love. Horrible «»

  • Dar**** 58 years

    The problem with Asian Melodies is it is very expensive to do anything on there if you want to get a girl's contact information you have to spend thre... e thousand credits on that particular girl which will cost you a minimum of $600 also the site blocks anything you try to put through his personal information until you spent the 3000 credits and also they will out of nowhere block a girl from you like you did it when you really didn't «»

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