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Very Bad
  • Re***** 69 years

    The women are very beautiful but that''s really as far as it goes.I wrote two women at the same time and they both bombarded me with emails in the si... te that cost me every time I wanted to read one. Then a few days later I got the exact IDENTICAL email from both of them. They were both from China. I complained to the Service people and they said a monitor must have mixed up their letters to me. This site is a SCAM and you will never get to meet any of these girls. I believe they are paid each time you write to them too. SCAM SCAM SCAM «»

  • J****** 57 years

    The women on the site are attractive, attentive, and for the most part communicate quite well.You will never communicate with anyone outside of the s... ite. Most people would expect to eventually be able to communicate openly. However, the site monitors all incoming and outgoing emails. They take the time to actually read them, and to remove anything that would allow the woman to communicate with you off the site. How would anyone actually be able to meet a woman in person, let alone marry her, if they are not allowed to give any kind of personal information, including addresses, phone numbers, emails, etc. The site is where you are supposed to find a partner. The website is really all about taking your cash. $99 for 16 credits. That means 16 emails that you get to read. If you truly want to marry a woman from Asia, you are better of flying over there on a vacation and meeting someone face to face. Forget AsiaMe. In my opinion, this site is nothing more than a scam. You can talk until the sun doesn't shine, but you're going to pay our of your rear to do it. «»

  • Bran*** 37 years

    Nothing! Its a money pit! Fake profiles your talking to hired workers that pose as single asian women. All communications cost money extortion/ fraud... if you ask me. I would not spend a penny on this joke of a money pit! «»

  • Jere*** 63 years

    I like the fact people are allowed to obtain ladies' private e-mail addresses. even though I can communicate through private emails, the ladies will ... write a few times but never really work for long, they just stop writing. I have been on the site since 2014 and spent thousands of dollars on this site, I don't have even one lady to just correspond with. They try over and over to write on the site. In watching if these ladies are still active on the site and they are. They will try to chat or send more emails but only on the site, even though they have my private email.Site seems to be a scam. «»

  • Aar**** 75 years

    First impressionPropably fake all over. The service earns too much by messaging, so the sdmiter messages are much , but they lead to nothing, just mi... re conversation, more costs. «»

  • All**** 64 years

    Beauitful womenCannot exchange info such as email .how can you ask someone to meet you in person wben they block important info for cotact.dont want ... to endlessly send mails through this can you expect people to decide on a woman just on your site .its all about the money not love. «»

  • T****** 68 years

    I have seen some of the most beautiful I have ever viewed on this site. All women use professional photographers and are amazingly dressed. Much of ... the initial correspondence is light and fun and a bit adult. Maybe a cultural thing. I have heard there are a lot of bots writing messages, but I haven’t detected any.This is the most expensive dating site in the world. If you want to start 10 conversations, that is ten credits. If she asks you a question and you answer another 10. Then the third conversation, another 10. If you want to complement 10 more women in their photos, another 10. On my first day on the site, I spent $400 just to start a few conversations. To use this site like a traditional dating site, it would not be impossible to spend $1000 in the first month. Or you have to severely cut back on who you communicate with. The women are a sight to behold, but it takes a very rich man to have some good probing conversations. It is a real mixed bag. I recommend this site only if you have great willpower and discipline. Otherwise, you will be selling one of your cars soon. «»

  • Gord*** 72 years

    I am currently communicating with a woman and have been for almost two months,I am very happy with the one contact I am talking with and when the pan... demic is over we are making plans to meet personally.The website can be a little expensive but what isn’t in today’s world. «»

  • APEX*** 42 years

    When I did a search for free dating sites this was one to pop up. I did all the files. Then I got lured into a chat by a bot the used up any time i ha... d. Then it wanted to charge me. I contacted customer service and told them the story many occasions and got no response. I showed them evidence supporting my claims and all they did was send me a few vouchers. I want the free service that was advertised which was free chatting and profile views and pics. So if your wondering if it's a scam. Yes it is, the girls are fake profiles, some are paid workers, and few are actual people. They are way over priced for such a service and offer no proof that support any real success on matching people, and that they provide lagit people and services. They advertise free things but don't tell you that it's limited. Don't waist your time. If they correct the wrong done to me then I'll edit my review. «»

  • ric**** 37 years

    I tried AsiaMe this week for the first time. They are constantly blocking information of the females that want to provide this to me such as email ad... dress, phone numbers, where they live or work etc. It's not about security but profits; if members communicate many times on the site, the site blocks them from getting together unless you provide very personal info like a driver's license with your social security #. Who wants to give out this info that could be sold to scammers?? Plus they charge $6/credit which costs hundreds of dollars just to have basic communications. RIP OFF!!! «»

  • Robe*** 63 years

    I searched for about 2 weeks and finally found someone, but that is where it ends. They control all contact - there is no way to meet the lady in pers... on - when you send contact data it is deleted. Any information about addresses, flight information to meet, etc. does not get to the lady that you worked so hard to find. AsiaMe does not answer questions you send either.IT IS A BIG TIME SCAM - DON'T EVER USE THEM! A PACK OF LIES. «»

  • Edd**** 63 years

    The site has the most gorgeous ladies of all ages! BUT I couldn't keep up with the continuous prompts to purchase credits!! It got so confusing as mos... t chats get cut off due to depletion of credits in a blink of an eye! I'm now cut off from promising relationships due to a never-ending credits purchasing demands. It completely takes the fun out of the platform to line predators pockets! «»

  • mark*** 63 years

    Asiame seems to contain several ‘fictive’ accounts. You will often get contacts from incredibly beautiful, hot women who encourage you to talk and pay... credits then they drop you when there is a chance of actual communication.A good thing is that you can ask for the contact details of a woman after you have both sent and received 10 mails. This is an excellent feature. This is the point at which the women stoop all communication (as they were never real and only are interested in getting a share of the credits you have paid). So it is a scam.The communications are heavily censored, so you cannot say the word sex or even making love and this on a dating site between consenting adults.The search function is incredibly basic, effectively being age and not much else.The price is not $1.99. The cheapest credit is $4 when you buy 100 credits @ $399. Normal credits are $16 each.You will receive 15-20 admirer emails each day, all from girls of 18-30 years old (way outside your demographic).So, overall a site riddled with scam artists where you might find a genuine person, but it will be hard and expensive to do so. «»

  • u2***** 50 years

    I have used this site for a few years now. I have found that many female profiles are made up, not legitimate, and that women who contact men to chat... are paid by the site or it's agencies who take money from women to sign up. However, there is NO WAY TO KNOW if a profile photo of a specific female is the person being contacted. There is no way to verify if I am really speaking to the female I have contacted. This site is very expensive, the man has to pay for everything, chat, EMFs, phone calls. The gifts are wildly expensive, most are over a $100 up to over a few thousand. And, even after sending an expensive gift, there is no proof that the intended female received said gift. Since many females are paid by the site and have no interest at all in a relationship, because they are paid to chat, take phone calls, send out letters, etc., these women have no interest beyond this.Western men who have flown to China to meet said females whom they think they are really conversing with, found NO SUCH WOMEN from this phony site. Some men stayed for 3 months trying to track down those ladies they thought they were conversing with. They never found any such females.Stay away, this site, like most is bogus, expensive, and just takes your money. In fact, this is not a site to help men meet women for a long term relationship. This is ONLY about making money, period. The site is not interested in helping individuals to become engaged, married, etc. It does help men meet women, but women whom are paid to chat, send letters, accept phone calls. Many profiles are made up, photos are often models, who have no idea their photos are being used. Men, beware, you are being fleeced out of your hard earned monies.What needs to happen is a complete and thorough investigation of The findings would support what I have said. Yes, very few have found a permanent connection, but those are the ones who have spend thousands of dollars and could afford to actually do the investigative work necessary.. «»

  • john*** 70 years

    They will not allow you to actually meet the person you have fallen in love with. I have spent hundreds of dollars for reading & writing letter to the... same person. Huge prices to talk on the phone. But they will not allow us to have contact without them. I feel like I am in their prostitute, without sex, because they profit endlessly from my relationship with someone I want to be with but cannot. I ask them why & when & how but they will not respond. I feel it is a criminal activity. Yes, you can meet someone on line but not in person even after spending hundreds, even thousands of dollars. How is this legal? «»

  • Go***** 64 years

    So far good. Customer service is responsive and detailed. The profiles seem to be more honest than on other sites. Though model pictures are used t... he females seem to be real people. «»

  • Cli**** 60 years

    most are fake... pertend to come usa... but always delay delay and more excuses delay. but when them say can come. them have problem with thief at a... irport with visa and ticket and money... so none ever come in many many many many years... would like to feel that some girls are real and want me... but after buying thousands of credits. zero come to me. and i am not ugly or poor. and cost 7 dollars per credit buying three credits at 21 dollars.. and 4 dollars per credit if buying 100 credits at 400 dollars.... and credits go very fast. «»

  • Bill*** 75 years

    When I initially enrolled in the AsiaMe program I was interested in a penpal or chat situation.Personally I have met many wonderful girls who are inte... lligent, beautiful, and classy.For an online dating service I highly recommend AsiaMe. PS My chats are both wonderful and gratifying. «»

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