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Very Bad
  • S****** 54 years

    Absolutely nothing.Absolutely everything. Very costly for men. Completely fake profiles of women. Nothing but scammers and one woman tried to blackma... il me. Totally criminal! «»

  • Jo***** 65 years

    There are some real women that want to find someone. At my age the choices are limited but are there. You start getting all kind of collect coins mes... sages when you are low in coins. It seems some of these ladies are on commission. «»

  • Fu***** 67 years

    Nothing. It sucksIt sucks

  • Bi***** 61 years

    NothingI paid for Premium as it say you get the best visibility, I never got one reply. Just a big waste of money and time.

  • Fr***** 68 years

    The organization of profiles. The idea that you too can have an exciting affair.The fact that actual communications with real women looking for an af... fair is very, very limited. The SB crowds out the real by 5 or 6 to 1. Throw in the “pick pocket”, (the ones that need gas money or cab fare or a babysitter, and ask for money up front then ghost you) types, and you don't stand a chance of getting a hookup. «»

  • Ricc*** 63 years

    NothingWay too many fake accounts. Same pictures on multiple accounts and several professional women, if you get my drift.

  • Rr***** 53 years

    Easy to use and navigate As a man very expensive to establish any kind of dialogue with women. Be ready to spend hundreds of dollars to perhaps get 1... or 2 replies (or even zero)Women don’t pay for the service so they get flooded with messages. Unless Tyson’s them a priority message, which costs extra, your texts are getting lost in the bunch. Drop this site like I did, unless you have money to throw away. «»

  • Cly**** 33 years

    Easy to set up an account. Easy to use gift cards to add coins. The site is choked with Bot messaging that “someone” has sent you a wink or a message... asking for more info about yourself. After the first few, it’s obvious that the Ashley Madison system is generating the nesssges. I mean a lady in Georgia and and lady in Illinois and a lady in South Carolina all have the exact message wording asking you to send more information and pictures???It’s just a scam. If, and this is a stretch, there are any real live ladies on the site, they pay nothing to send messages and think nothing of wanting to text on the site when a single text is costing the man $3.00 per text. My advice…Stay away. Stay far away. «»

  • Hen**** 70 years

    It takes a while, and a bit of effort, but you can meet women here. And the women you do meet are interested in the same thing I am, uncomplicated se... x.Too many fakes. Takes a lot of time, trial and effort. «»

  • Mi***** 43 years

    Seems to be a good amount of women online. . .and from my location.These guys are horrible about updating your pictures and profile. Every time you ... want to change something it takes them over a day. Female friend is still waiting on hers to get approved and it's been 2 days. Also lots of women don't have photos. They even give you the option for private pictures. This should be mandatory. No one seems to respond to messages. I've put some thought into them plus have a nice profile. Pricing has gone up and is very expensive. Why are we wasting money for people that don't even respond. «»

  • B****** 54 years

    Not much anymore.I have been an AM member for several years and it is turning into a joke. The number of fake female profiles has drastically increa... sed to the point that the vast majority of profiles are fake. Latest example: 4 new female profiles in my area....ALL are 33 yrs old, ALL are 5" 6" tall, ALL are 135 lbs, and ALL are single. ALL the profile names start with CV...or XC or something similar. Not only that but in many cases the verbiage within the profile is not even proper English. AM is not only creating fake profiles but they hire stupid people to create them. This site isn't much better than the multitudes of other sites with fake profiles. «»

  • mati*** 32 years

    the site is very good to me

  • T****** 45 years

    If this place was ever good, it went all the way down hill. Maybe it's all about the old ladies?But then, who is the real fool here? And this review... won't let me choose Zero stars.I sent more than 75 messages and 50 flirts and got 4 views on my profile. The number of bots is unbelievable and the service itself sends bogus messages that try to dupe the john into spending his credits. «»

  • Zspa*** 23 years

    Been on here for about a month, filled with blank or minimally filled profiles, most of which are just blatant about looking for a Sugar Daddy and not... hing else. Apparently the messaging system even though you have bought credits and spent on message at some point you have to spend more credits to continue on same chat. Not sure if its technical issue but i would go elsewhere «»

  • gr***** 52 years

    I have gotten a bunch of interests, but no real affair yet.

  • M.c**** 40 years
    10.08.2020 is a total scam. You have to pay for each message you send which would be okay if you were talking to "REAL" people. You get message... s from fake profiles asking for more info about you and what your looking for, trying to get you to spend more money to message them back. I noticed this after I was getting the same exact word-for-word responses from members. Before I realized I was being scammed I had spent all my credits talking to bots, and credits are not cheap. I asked for a refund and they sent me a long email and denied any wrong doing. If you want to spend a thousand dollars weeding through all the fake profiles and bots go right ahead, but I doubt you will be successful. «»

  • T****** 50 years

    It’s just too expensive! A monthly subscription would work much better. Plus the way it’s done is ridiculous, they cut you off from any old messages i... f your “ coins” run out. Not worth it «»

  • S Bi*** 48 years

    AM informed me of girls who "supposedly" liked me via email. I purchased credits, logged in & started trying to interact with these "users" but all I ... got back from over a dozen "users" was TEMPLATE responses saying I needed to "message" them to interact. They listed a couple reasons and all used the exact same wording. Not one serious reply or even any proof they were real people who were interested in anything other than convincing me to spend money on credits to send messages with! Totally a scam by the company itself! «»

  • T****** 55 years

    Currently, I am disappointed. I had two conversations with women and both initially seemed interested in meeting. However, both were going out of th... e country, I our first week of conversations, and both claim to have gotten in a bind, while they were out of the country, and needed anywhere from $1100 - $1700, to get their "products" back into the US. SCAMMERS.... «»

  • Poll*** 72 years

    On July 3d, my girlfriend and I celebrated the two-year anniversary of meeting on AM. She's now 65 and I'm 72. She and her husband celebrated their 29... -anniversary on July 3d. My wife and I have been married two-decades longer. Anyway, we fit our affair in between two existing relationships. Her relationship with her husband has actually improved and my relationship holds steady.Our affair started out purely carnal, but has grown into deep friendship and emotional love; however, it does not replace the emotional parts of our marriages. It's additive, replacing elements lost over the years, as our spouses changed. The successful parts of our marriages remain intact. You can love more than one person.One thing that truly amazes us is that we're having the best sex of our lives, thanks to modern medicine. She takes phyto-estrogen and I take an intracavernous injection, which results in a two-plus hour erection. She's as wet as a 20-year old and I can last far longer than my 20-year old self. My advice is don't give up. «»

  • Ale**** 46 years

    Ashley Madison is a complete bait and switch scam - they have fake people on their with photos who talk to you just so you can buy more credits - or t... hey direct you to other apps in which you have to pay just to participate in talking. One girl I told her to email me at my personal address and she wrote back - Access Revoked! What normal person a would write that or 2 care about talking on anther platform - the reason is that account was one of their internal guys scamming and they didn't like the fact i didn't want to spend money by buying credits. «»

  • bob *** 10 years

    Lame. 2nd try. on this site. So So SO much better in previous 2015 years. Full of BOTS now to draw down your "points" you get for paying to read and... write messages. A couple of contacts that didnt appeal to me. Less than 1 star. Try FriendfinderX...... «»

  • Hel**** 22 years

    This dating site is the best to find hookups.

  • All**** 50 years

    I'm a guy who has been on this site for years. It can work IF you spend quite a bit of money and invest quite a bit of time. I'd say I have looked... at almost 500 profiles and sent messages to about 200 of them that seemed real enough. Yes there are A LOT of fake female profiles, some are easy to catch, others not so easy. As a guy you have to pay for "credits" and it costs you some credits to send that first message to a female. Of the 200 messages I sent, I received about 40 replies back that seemed legit. Of those 40 replies, I ended up actually meeting in person 10 of those women. And of those 10 women, I did have affairs with 3 of them. The other 7 ... 4 of them felt they did not want to continue. And I decided 3 of them were not quite my type. So if I was not as picky, I could have had 5 affairs out of the 10 that I actually met, which is not a bad ratio at all. IT IS GETTING TO THE MEETING STAGE THAT IS A SUPREME CHALLENGE. So if you like the chase and don't mind the expense and time, yes it can work. But be prepared for a lot of head scratching. Like getting a message with a lady's name and how she liked your profile ..,. and then nothing else after that. That eats up a lot of credits. The good thing is that AM does offer specials at times, buying 50 credits for $9.99 and that is an ideal time to load up. But you have to be a longer time member to get those deals. So you'll have to pay at the beginning. The profile search criteria at least has the option of showing you female profiles that have been active in the last day or two, so that is at least some help. Nothing worse than sending to a woman who has not used the site for months. So you can at least try to send to "active" female users. The trick is whether they are real or fake. You only find out by trying. And that does cost time and money. «»

  • R****** 66 years

    I found there were far too many catfish, sugar babies, and scammers on this site. Because it is free to women, it attracts a high percentage of these ... types. I burned through 2000 credits without a connection. They also seem to hide how many credits you have remaining. «»

  • par**** 50 years


  • Jays*** 50 years

    I believe Ashley Madison (Vancouver) still has fake females on their site. It's kind of obvious when some have the green dot on 24/7. The ones that I ... have spoken to who are real do not. There are some real women on the site probably less than half. You'll waste a lot of credits looking. «»

  • anon*** 99 years

    I've been on for about a month now and I find this site/app to be terrible. Here's my experience:The initial message to someone costs 8 credits, th... en it's free afterward. However, if you send a "Priority Message" it costs 5 credits, even if you've already sent an initial message. By default the message box is set to Priority Message so you have to click the little paper clip icon on the left side to turn it to become a normal message. I would say 98% of profiles I messaged, were fake. How I know this? Well here's my logic: I favoured profiles first then found out that it sends a wink/message that tells that person you favourited them. My assumption is that normal people would click on your profile just to check you out, out of curiosity. From this, There's a List -> Viewed Me option so you can see who's taken a look at you. If they don't take a look at you, that's an indicator they may be a fake profile. That's Flag #1.Flag 2: Often, I may get a message from someone I favourited in the hours of like 4am-6am, some times as late as 7am. They would send me a message saying something along the lines of "I only respond to full messages. Please send me one so we can talk". Who sends messages at 4am? This was obviously some sort of timed bot or batch that runs in AM's system to send these messages out to get people to waste credits. Also, would someone bother messaging you, asking you to write a full message to them, without checking out your profile? ie: look under your "viewed me" list option.Flag 3: If the profile doesn't have anything written in it and/or simply says "Hi" or "Hello" as the initial profile greeting, then I think it's also fake.Based on these 3 flags, I would say 98% of profiles I've come across are fake profiles. Also note: if you send a Priority Message, you get to see if they've opened your message. However I think the bot/batch script AM runs has the ability to open messages too in order to simulate someone is reading your messages.Granted, women on here may get so many messages that they may read a message and not bother messaging back or checking out your profile, sure....but so far my experience has been terrible. I'll continue to waste the rest of my credits that I bought then leave this site. Such a cash grab. I only wrote this review so others out there can learn from this and save their money. «»

  • Robi*** 54 years

    I had a very good experience on Ashley Madison. My Ashley man was a complete gentleman, and not a "cheater". He wished for a second couple experienc... e, because he was not sure in his new marriage. I encouraged him to start a family also. After the "affair" I was friended on social media by his brother, him and HIS WIFE. Nobody ever found out about our discreet relationship, which was helpful and healthy at the time. Sadly, my Ashley man passed away at only 42 year old. We did not have the chemistry that his family gave to him, but we did have passion before he departed the earth, that was special to me. I am an Ashely Widow, I doubt I will find someone as wonderful as he was to me. I check my profile to see if someone is smiling for me in the photo, and find my soulmate or just an affair. «»

  • rol**** 99 years


  • Jo***** 50 years

    Way too many bots..Still not a good site out there..Based in Canada and once you pay for your credits, no refunds. I have been on for a few years and ... its gotten worse. Maybe 2 out of 10 woman are real. «»

  • Je***** 49 years

    Ashely Madison is 90% fake. No real profiles.

  • From*** 34 years

    I've been on AM for about two weeks now, and have felt liberated. I've talked to quite a few men who are non-judgmental about what our shared situati... ons are like, and while I've met just one so far (I admit I'm quite smitten, though he told me he will be taking time to meet others, and since he's so, so incredibly sweet, I'm sadly certain he'll move on to a woman he sees as better), I've enjoyed the sense of freedom. I'm a poly woman and so often feel like I live in a cage, and for once, I don't feel that way. The reason I docked a star is that I wish that the search features were a little more extensive, like sifting out the men who are looking for casual encounters versus those wanting something longer term. But I do have to admit that I don't mind being one of the very few actual women there. While it's still a man's world in male-female dating since they're the ones who can hold us by the emotions while they keep playing, I've still found a handful of really kind guys who've been good sounding boards, and just all around good guys. While there isn't a click with them, they're definitely great, and I hope they find what they're looking for. (No, I'm giving that star back.) «»

  • Sc***** 54 years

    Pure junk. You pay a monthly fee,, plus to correspond with someone, it will cost you 8 credits per message. You will get quite a few Winks or "interes... ts", only for you to send them a message (at 8 credits, or 13 credits for "priority message"), only for them to never respond. I wouldn't be surprised if most of the profiles are Bots from AM. As you can see above, credits are not cheap. «»

  • Fra**** 64 years

    Great site, but too many did profiles. Also expensive. Currently waiting for their 9.99 special for 1 month of full membership.

  • D****** 57 years

    I think a lot of the female profiles are actors - they never respond to my request to contact.

  • Bob *** 50 years

    I first visited the site back in November of 2018. Was curious how many women where close to me searching for an affair. The site allows you to send w... inks but of course you have to pay to see the responses once you send. So in January 2019 I decided to join and really feel the site out since I was able to do everything. I put a pic out there and filled in my profile. I sent messages to pretty much all the woman close to me. Some responded some did not. The ones that responded where one liners saying will get back to you. After 8 months I decided to end this site. What I found was the same woman that I seen on there back in November and you can search for new profiles but the site only averaged two a month if that. Since the site is free for woman they can keep there profile up there forever but I don’t know maybe it’s me but I just couldn’t see some of these woman not able to find the perfect guy after months on here. I think personally the profiles are fake just to draw you in. Me personally I would waste your time. See for yourself. Look at the profiles near you and look again in a few months. Oh and another thing I use to laugh at was you will get an email with a pic from a woman but it’s nit from her. It’s from AM telling you to reach out to her. Most of the woman that they sent me were 20 years younger then me and single. Disappointed as the site has so much potential too but I don’t think they sell it or maintain it for guys who are searching or hoping. «»

  • Mike*** 57 years

    I’ve been using Ashley Madison for a while and let me tell you I haven’t started sleeping with woman until I started using this website.I don’t know w... hat it is but the woman are way more open minded on here! My recommendation is to try it out I’m 57 years old and weight 210 so if they are willing to meet up with me I’m sure they will meet up with anyone. The link at the bottom gives discount. «»

  • sumo*** 35 years

    this website have full white racist. i have experienced this website most likely for white people. I paid for this website i only received message fro... m scammers. every time i tried to any white people they do not respond denied to see the photo when they see my race. For me it was wasting time and money. My recommendation to other race if you are not white do not even come here and waste your valuable time and money. «»

  • ste**** 43 years

    There are ALOT of scammers on there..AKA "working girls" looking to pick up some extra cash on the weekends!!!...Also the chances of actually meeting ... up with a girl that catfishes you are REALLY GOOD.. ... Meaning they will show you old or fake pics of when they were 35 pounds lighter..Best bet is to SAVE $$ from these dating sites and hit the local bars and pass out your number.. «»

  • T****** 71 years

    Every day I get inundated by "wink" messages from women in their 30's from all over the country. I'm old enough to be their father! What's going on ... here? These women can't possibly be serious. It smells like a rat! «»

  • Ni***** 45 years

    Run far away from this site! This site is too dangerous for women and the men think they can do whatever they want to you sexually. Not saying all of... them, but not worth the risk. I found it to be full of liars and men obsessed with bouncing from woman to woman and acting irresponsible, they don't seem to care about STD's either or exposing their wives to it. Also known for prostitutes. «»

  • Jo***** 45 years

    Mostly a rip off. Each day you will get emails from escorts from every State in the Country. Some you can weed out immediately . Others are tricky an... d you end up wasting the insanely expensive credits. The basic package is used up fast. I don`t know how I burned through it so quickly. TINDER is free and everyday you match with real people. Bumble while not as good as Tinder is free also. Great experience with Tinder. Do not know why Ashley exists. Other than a fake service. Heard they list fake profile also to lure you to spend credits. «»

  • j****** 55 years

    Wanted to try this site out, it's partially legit, but mainly a scam. They send you messages saying they are from a user, these are canned messages t... hat are not from a real person, their system sends out these messages. Was able to chat with a couple women, out of 100 a few are real, and these ladies were expensive sugar babies. Most profiles are bogus, and most the negative reviews here are true. «»

  • R****** 61 years

    While Ashley does have woman. They tend to give a false sense of contacts. They create fake contact with the new message feature when in fact that per... son has not contacted you. The so call new message can be faked but can also be anywhere in the country also watch out for the Member Initiated Contact.this is a back door billing feature that is hard to stop and they add it without asking you. to costly and to may fakes and poor customer services «»

  • 9192*** 45 years

    bad experience.After O ;bought some credits and messaged a few women, no responses, NOT even 1, and then I get an email from AM, that they charged me... another $30 all by themselves for some crap for ongoing contact.. What the Fuck is that? like How can a Company start charging randomly just because.This site and the few positive reviews I have read is a big SCAM. «»

  • S****** 44 years

    I have met several women on AM over the years, I'd guess about 20. It is expensive because as a guy you have to pay for your messages. But if I compar... e it to having to go with a hooker.... AM is much better. Some women are quite weird but so are the men I hear. Men tend to show dick pics and if you don't do that you already made yourself look much smarter than the average guy there. «»

  • Da***** 59 years

    I have registered twice. And canceled the first. Still the same profiles came up. These are fake. Always saying she sent a collect message. WTF? Or, y... ou don't have enough credits. Please sign in and purchase. Why has this site not been shut down? OH, I know. Dumbass men keep them going by thinking "Oh, she lives in my neighborhood". What a scam. «»

  • M ke*** 48 years

    it’s a front for prostitution. Go on there again and be a separated male. They know who to target. Then these very attractive women half your age wi... ll contact you to talk off line, They evade questions. Never really know where they are from but ask that you acquire a permission card. Some through Ashley Madison, some our other sites. Then. Once you have that they make arrangements and money is discussed. But only after you have the card. Then there are the solo artists who go on with fake profiles get the attention of one guy and once he is hooked they bail from the sire and do it themselves. They always just happen to be in your town even though the profile says otherwise. They call themselves porn models. Check it out because it is gross and it’s happening. The unattractive ladies are real. But a 23 year old that wants to be with a 48 year old. I decent looking, but not that decent looking. It’s scary for the guy and god knows what the women are putting up with. They are very sweet, babe, honey, send naked pictures and then when you say, can t do it they get angry. You must check this out. «»

  • Ri***** 59 years

    Save your money people. Ashley Madison is a total ripoff. They have very, very, very few new members joining and those that are already there are eith... er prostitutes or never online. They have no system for promoting their members to one another. They have an outdated messaging system. You cannot check to see who has and who has not opened your messages. It takes an act of God to find your thread of messages if you happen to get another member to correspond with you. Your mailbox only holds 20 messages so... if you've sent a wink, a private showcase request, sent a key to your private showcase and a message to a member you have just filled 4 of those twenty spots (lol). And Ashley Madison isn't cheap. They charge you 7 credits per message. That may not sound like a lot when you purchase the 1,000 credit package until you realize that Ashley Madison likes to send out "fake" messages that you reply to spending your credits. You don't know they are fake until the recipient of the messages says she never sent it. AM is a scam. They charge you hundreds of dollars for their top of the line package and they cannot deliver. Again... Save your money. «»

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