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  • Jas**** 45 years

    Nothing anymore. Anna Grushevaya, Kherson, professional scammer. Anastasia(Nastya) Shafranskaya, Onlyfans and Instagram scammer, Kiev, makeup artist... . AnastasiaDate went from a viable introduction service in the late 90s early 2000s to what is now a basic bate and switch operation. Read above comments which other men articulate very well. It’s an absolute minefield to navigate to a woman who is legit because all the local agencies are trying to make money not help you find love. «»

  • j****** 62 years

    I like the attention a man gets here when he has a profile here. I was on it for years! Not an exaggeration! Spent over $30,000 in that time. Met many... women. Not enough space or time to describe everything. But, I did not go to Russia or Ukraine due to COVID19!The women are real. I spoke by phone with a couple ladies who have fluent English skills. However, if you buy them a gift, either flowers or perfume and get their contact email, you will find that they do NOT want to communicate with you privately. Some will write to you, but even they want to continue on site. That is because they are paid to chat with you even though they and Anastasia Customer Service will deny it. I was pestered by several women to buy them everything in the gift list and then when I did, they forgot me!! The best thing u can do here is to have a brief period of chat letters and phone calls and then if she agrees with you, fly over there and meet in person. But right now as of March 2021 COVID is making a comeback in Ukraine and unless u r vaccinated in the US, it would be foolish for you to go there because if you catch it....any way...I am not on the site now and will not return in the near future. Perhaps when the virus has diminished a lot! Of 8 women I met and chatted with for various lengths of time and bought gifts for and talked with by phone, none of them will answer me now that I am not longer on site!! They are all very money conscious and only on this site to find a rich guy to get them out of their miserable life in Russia/Ukraine! Use at your own risk! You have been warned!! «»

  • Ni***** 35 years

    I joined Anastasia about a year and half ago, after a very bad break-up with an American girl. After some sarcastic laughter I decided to give it a tr... y, just out of curiosity.After about a month or so, I was asked to chat by a young woman named Elena from Kherson. We started to talk casually, but very quickly we both realized that we had a lot in common. The casual chat turned more and more romantic but we never lost that feeling of wonderful friendship for each other. I feel like I had known her all my life and I had not even met her yet. «»

  • Ni***** 35 years

    I joined Anastasia about a year and half ago, after a very bad break-up with an American girl. After some sarcastic laughter I decided to give it a tr... y, just out of curiosity.After about a month or so, I was asked to chat by a young woman named Elena from Kherson. We started to talk casually, but very quickly we both realized that we had a lot in common. The casual chat turned more and more romantic but we never lost that feeling of wonderful friendship for each other. I feel like I had known her all my life and I had not even met her yet. «»

  • Nikl*** 34 years

    Anastasia a great site to be scammed. I think there are real women on this site but one has to be discerning. The real women are furious about the iro... n curtain that Anastasia has formed. No matter how hard one tries it is impossible to continue a relationship with them. I have had a incident whereby I have found the same fake profiles of ladies on other dating sites which are not Anastasiadate operated. I had found one lady on with the same profile and pictures seen on her Anastasia date profile. When I attempted to chat with her she said she didn’t know me. Impossible for her not to know me! I was using Anastasia date pictures of a fake model to be used by their translators. When I challenged her regarding being on another dating site. shared with me that the ladies often switch vendors in search of finding men. Interesting at the same time the model from Kiev was found available on seeking to make contact.Anastasiadate also offers the option to block contacts of ladies profiles from appearing. But this does not work as the profiles continue to scroll through. «»

  • will*** 48 years

    I was Anastasia dating for 4 years, and I've spent thousands of dollars. There are nice looking women there but most of them are not serious. Also, A... nastasia site is just a money making business with any concern about the men. I had some connection with some women but site completely block any kind of contacts with the ladies. I've wasted hours and hours looking for somebody. After all these years only I can show for it tons of credit card bills. From my experience, I only have warning for the guys looking at the Anastasia site. Stay away and look for some other place. I've registered with many sites and this is the worst site to meet anybody. «»

  • Bill*** 55 years

    It's been a long time since I used AD but I still remember that appalling nightmare. My story had happy end when I met my wife on (I wi... sh I had known about it before I decided to have anything to do with AD). I lost thousands of dollars on AnastasiaDate on scammers. AD team employs girls from Ukraine and Russia and their work is to seduce you and keep you on a chat session for as long as possible. Only a few of them are genuine, an extremely low percent. I sent bunch of gifts and officially passed my contact information to the girls through those gifts. Whenever I mentioned Viber or Skype, girls went from hot to cold. I was silly enough to go to Odessa to meet one of them. It goes without saying that she dumped me. There is one thing that never changes on AD: no lady ever wants to meet you for real! It's a plain rip-off and obvious scam! «»

  • F. R*** 52 years

    Before you try an international dating site like, please ask yourself the following question: Why do you want to try to find a rela... tionship with a woman who lives on the other side of the world? Even if all goes well, it will most likely take considerable time (months and probably years) before the woman can join you in your home country. In addition, it is not cheap. Spending between $500 and $1,000 per month is not unusual. This cost is necessary before traveling to eastern Europe. Airfare and a week long stay in Kiev at a safe hotel cost about $3,000. It is impossible to really get to know someone for just one visit. How many times do you want to fly to eastern Europe and back? I found some real women who were genuinely seeking an American or western European man for a real-life relationship. I also found a lot of fake profiles and women who engaged in chat sessions and letter correspondence only to appease their agency. Please note that women don't join directly. They join agencies and gets the photos and profile descriptions from these agencies. Women are often paid for their photos. Who really knows if the woman in the photograph actually writing the letters.If you do find a nice woman on this site, make sure you have a CamShare session early in the correspondence. If the woman agrees to chat on webcam, ask her to stand up. Some agencies will record the woman sitting at her computer and pass the recording off as a "live" webcam session. My advice would be to save your money and date a local woman. It is more tangible, more immediate, and definitely safer. «»

  • Reza*** 52 years

    I had so many dates there that I never got to meet yet...I want to continue looking & choosing for beauty dates if they are real ...I up to now still ... have their codeID# «»

  • Da***** 63 years

    I was a member for more than 2 years and nothing((( Couple weeks ago from site admin i got a link on findbestbridedatcom and after i joined it i can s... ay this is good service «»

  • Mark*** 52 years

    I would defiantly would not recommend Anastasia Date if you want to end up in a relationship. If you are prone to addiction then the website is formu... lated to entice you in chat and you will spend a very small fortune with women who have no or very little intention in offering their contact details even if you have a lengthy online relationship. As you invest yourself emotionally the lack of transparency in that way the website delivers its service will undermine the relationship that you are attempting to nurture. The service will spam you with thousands of emails, one women send three letters a day for months and I replied just once. One women I arrange to meet in Kiev did not turn up and later her profile appeared (three years later) and she said she was in Kiev ten years before so for what ever reason the timelines did not match. The chat calls are also a bombardment on your senses from bots on the system. There is evidence if you take a look to search for it that women are paid to chat and write letters. I would strongly advise you to avoid this website. If someone says they like you then it would not be unreasonable to want direct communication but you will find it highly likely that they will decide not to. Or they loose your email, or they do not not have an email address, their phone is for work only, thee camera is inoperable, they do not use social media (though they do but they cannot be contacted this way either).There are genuine women out there of course however with such a redaction in communication at such high expense there must be better alternatives in meeting your partner. I cannot understand why the editor has written such an upbeat review unless it were incentives. Buyer beware! «»

  • Rob *** 58 years

    I want to report my experience with anastasia date is not favorable.. I have been on the site since 2014.. Its a dating service that basicly exploits... men for their assets/money to keep men on chat ... I have done both the phone call 10 minute plus call reserve a call.. The lady could not understand me plus need interpreter.. also once did the gifts and present order which did not work since lady did not exchange her personal info.. I am very frustrated with the customer service people also.. they often put you on hold while waiting for them to answer.. very unprofessional! The cost of this service is for men who earn 250.000 as salary.. If you earn less woman will not respect you or this site.. «»

  • Jo***** 58 years

    How can anybody who was member and used the site realy think that it is not a fraud? I was a nember for almost 2 years and was so foolish to have the ... idea i had a few sincere woman. It was al fake but you fool yourself with the idea a beautifull woman is interested in you. I had 4 woman i had many contacts withbin those years. Almost all of then i noticed they lied during that time. Think by yourself if it is normal that a womannwho says she wants to find a relationship even after a year of daily contact at the site, does not want to have contact beyond that site? And that you habe to pay about 1 euro for every 2 minutes chat with a woman? Everyone who says it is not a scam is a fool. And i was such a fool for about 2 years and after thousands of euros «»

  • Ma***** 47 years

    Hi, I've been using AnastasiaDate for some time, and have only great experiences. The site is pretty much how you describe it, a service you have to p... ay for, but if you are looking to be secure and relaxed in search for love, as I am, I think it's a great fit. So be prepared to spend some money, but also have a lot of fun meeting people here. «»

  • Jo***** 56 years

    great site

  • Ang**** 44 years

    I used this site in 2001, found man whom I got married. We have one son. Unfortunately we divorced, but this site are real. I even thinking on trying ... one more time to join AnastasiaDate. On this time I can have conversations in English and this is so important to understand true personalty of the man whom you would like to spend rest of your life. «»

  • Rhet*** 63 years

    I was a member on back in 2007 - 2008. I've also been member of a number of other dating sites. I did meet a smart, beautiful woman from... Ukraine, but I didn't work out. I was very impressed by the quality of women on in terms of their appearance, education, and apparent upbringing. The site is expensive. Customer service and help with interacting with the girls is very good though. They didn't all go to a university, many didn't, but most of the women seemed very well put together in their appearance and grooming. I'm sure the website required the women to meet certain requirements. The photography, especially stills, were impeccable, and most of the videos were very good. I can honesty say that, outside of a Playboy magazine convention or party, I don't think I'd ever seen so many beautiful women in one place. At least half those girls could have been models in the US. «»

  • mi***** 55 years

    This company has very little clue as to the concept of "serving the customer". Every time the make a change to their website it is to do away with a f... eature that "was" valuable to the customer. I also get the distinct impression that they pay women to get men to chat with them, which burns their credits which cost them money. Hundreds, yes hundreds of women tell me in chat that they are in the USA but not a single one of them is one of the several women that I have already written to or chatted with. «»

  • Dwig*** 63 years

    I wrote a long letter to the company about how I have had good experiences on the side and how I have Met a true scammer Who is pretending to be in l... ove with five different men are at the same time I need to them had bought her a diamond engagement ring and spent 14’s on her. I actually went and visited her in the Ukraine and she was living along with her mother in poverty. These guys decimated her because they created a website called another and I asked them to please remove it because it was making her life even worse and then somehow someone on this site was using her pictures her site to write me letters for a very long I have no idea how this is possible but I only write love letters to one woman at a time and poems and I even found a way to sort of pretend to watch a movie together with another woman and I had two nice ladies here I dated one for a long time but then her brother was killed which made her an orphan and she just simply disappeared from the side I think this crushed her like I told the company and then the next one same thing happened her mother was killed in a horrible car accident and within a week she had written me a letter it was a very nice goodbye letter and told me she was thankful that she had a man who truly loved her for four years we spent four years chatting on this site we were strongly considering marriage but she had to leave the site because she has seven younger siblings or father doesn’t make much money and I’m sure this destroyed him because it was a horrible accident by some drunk driver and so she told me she could no longer stay because she had to take care of her seven younger siblings some of them were very young children I felt awful for her I loved her ...So now I will start over again but I am just recovering from surgery so I cannot afford to even chat but maybe once every two months so I asked the website for a refund from the lady who scammed me her name was Anna Grushevaya from the city of KHerson. Eventually they removed her from the website but it took a very long time and someone else was writing you letters from this site I don’t know how that is possible but it was happening writing love letters pretending to be. Anna. My advice is that you make sure you get photos of the woman that are contemporaneous current photos and you get them on a regular basis if you’re going to chat with anyone and that you get information about her family and repeatedly and make sure it is consistent. When a person is consistently saying the same thing and they’re willing to share your family with you they are a real person and probably all sides have some scammers because this is just the nature of living in a poor country that is in a war and his poor ladies are suffering.. So I’ve asked for a refund from all of my chatting with Grushevaya because she was a true scammer and she admitted it to me and asked me for help and I gave it to her. She was my friend for many years «»

  • J****** 55 years

    I have been on this site for a year now. I gave one star for many honest reasons. First, this site is not cheap! It is very expensive. For example, th... is site will charge you just under 10 minutes of chat conversation for $30. Each letter you open or write will bill you $15.99/2=$7.99 for each letter. You can spend $,1000 in one month easily to communicate with a woman. From my experience, I think these women are player and I strongly believe that they work on commission for the company to continue to communicate with you; even though, the company denies it. Why each woman doesn't hold on communication very long after 4 months knowing her. It fell apart and disappeared. I recommend that you stay with American dating site which is the safest and cheaper. Anastasia Date, Asian Date, and associated foreign dating sites are by the same company charging you high price and is ripping people off. If you want to join this site, I highly recommend you to get an insurance to cover all your loss of scam, false woman that you coordinating with, or whatever. It will reimburse you at all costs. It's worth getting the insurance. There are so many dating sites, especially this one, will clean your bank account up. «»

  • Ale**** 31 years

    Anastasiadate is far from a perfect dating site. On the plus side, it's focused primarily on professionals who are looking for something real, instead... of a lot of other dating apps that cater to younger, hookup-minded audiences. The site was easy to navigate and the personality assessment was a cool feature that helps you learn a little bit about yourself. On the downside, the sign-up process takes a while. The fact that you have to fill out the entire test before you're able to see what the site's all about could easily be a deterrent for some eager or impatient singles. Requiring users to invest time in the personality investment though can help to weed out people who aren't taking this whole online dating thing seriously. If they've carefully filled out a profile, then you know they're serious about finding a good match.Also worthy of noting: the free version doesn't really get you anywhere. Without subscribing, you're basically only able to see the fact that you have matches and/or messages. User pictures are blurred and messaging is super limited. Also, from what we can tell from reviews and from our own list of matches, Anastasiadate doesn't do the best job of abiding by your set criteria. Anastasiadate boasts over 13 million members worldwide, claiming that an average 2,000 couples pair off every month. Neither of those are small numbers, so if you're willing to put in the time to fill out a profile and risk weeding through some less-than-ideal matches or an annoying customer service experience, who knows, you may land on a gem. «»

  • nord*** 33 years

    My experience is more than good. I joined on Anastasiadate last spring and been a member since then. This is the only dating site I use, unfortunately... , didn't have any success yet but girls are really nice so therefore only thing I used to do is to be patient. «»

  • Ale**** 28 years

    Careful, this is complete scam! This girls are not real, I am marred and had never used this site, but i found my own pictures there and i keep writin... g and asking them to remove it, but they are still using my phots to drag money out of people, do not trust them, it's all fake!!! «»

  • Lu***** 39 years

    AnastasiaDate is a good website, some things could be better organized but in general, it works fine. Don't think profiles are fake but maybe I just h... ave been lucky. You can say that the price is a bit high but it is what it is. «»

  • Bria*** 50 years

    I have been with this site for three years. The advantages to this site is that there is a wide selection of beautiful women to choose from, the site ... is well laid out, and encountered only a few bad characters.This site's biggest flaw is that for the features (or lack thereof) and what they charge, this site is a horrible value. On the mobile app, you can't attach photos (you can on the website) to letters. You also cannot share anything but photos with the ladies. The camshare option, despite its high prices, don't support audio at all.Worst of all, the site does not verify the ladies' fluency in English. This means that a lady could post in her profile the highest levels of English fluency and yet not know a word of English at all.You also cannot block or filter messages. Ladies can write you as many letters as she likes. Some have written me more than seventy letters! The only way to stop the letter floods from unwanted ladies is to remove yourself from their catalog. This is a somewhat extreme solution as ladies whom you do want to hear from cannot write you either.I could live with the flaws if it were not for the high prices contrasting with the site's limitations. «»

  • Ped**** 38 years

    I was a member for +10 years on/off on anastasiadate.To make my story very short, then anastasiadate went from being a fantastic website to a terribl... e place after they introduced chat system and the monthly fee for being a member.Truth is I did meet +10 of the world most beautifull girls in the world on anastasidate in kiev/kharkov/odessa and even attended a dating party in odessa once.But truth is after +10 years and many trips to ukraine i realized that my hounch about the girls being paid money to date western men where confirmed.The dates always had the same patern... You could meet the girl on a dinner date and talk, and maybe go somewhere and do things in a shoopping center, but you would NEVER be able to be alone with the girl, not even when you go to the cinema.. And even if you exchanged contact info, the girls always lost the info about 1-2 weeks later or never replied outside of the website... reason are the girls have no economic interest in doing so and some even sign a contract they are not to talk to men outside of the website, where everything ofcourse cost money for the man to talk. Its also common the girl lies about talking english or being in a relationship with a ukraine man.. Some even had a child without telling.Allot of the model looking girls are actual employees of their local dating websites in ukraine and get paid for lending their photos and info to the local marriage agency that then "sell" the information to large sites like anastasiadate and other.. actual sometimes girls are on + 25 other dating websites at the same time, and reply letters on all websites.Or maybe i should tell you how it work.. It work in such a way that translators have access to the girls profiles and sit and pretend to be them and get paid per chat minute and pr letter. And the girl get part of the money.To make it look legit, the girls sometimes go on dates with easy to fool kind of men or should i say people of good standing.. thruth is the day you start to write about the experience of scams and girls getting paid and warn other men you get kind of black listed. Yo ucan still use the websites and chat and so on, but 0-7 days before you arrive in ukraine girls cancel the date becourse they break their leg/got on business trip/go to hospital and so on... Sometimes the girls have not even been on the dating site for many month or even years, but their profiles are just abused by local translators who pretend to be them and so on.This goes on on all dating websites with east european girls as far as i know, since i did actual try to do some research and use various dating sites.. Its always the same way it work, the same problems and lies and so on.. there is a patern.Both me and other users have reported anastasidate and many other websites to the police, and various user organisation and told about the fruad.And if you do some search on google you can find thousands of reviews by men and similar storys as mine..Forget everything about getting married to the model looking girls on all dating websites, they are just there to earn money.. one model looking girls is worth a huge amount of money, some say 10.000usd pr month from letters/chat/gifts and so on..Some girls like Yana Vosidova was on +100 dating sites at some point.PS.. be aware that all of the dating websites have employees who sit and write positive reviews every day to cover the bad reviews..pps.. anastasiadate is like a casino... house takes all, you wont get your money in your account paied out when you leave.! and they send their own money to tax heavens. «»

  • josh*** 46 years

    I found a girl of my dreams. I met her on AnastasiaDate, very nice, easy and simple site. it takes only a week for me to find her. Now we are togethe... r here and still can't believe that we found each other on the website. My experience is more than good. «»

  • Nig**** 50 years

    I have been doing a little research into the online dating business in Ukraine. Apparently, the people who run AnastasiaDate (and all of the sites i... n that group) have full knowledge of the scams run by their partner agencies and take no action. AnastasiaDate continue to purchase profiles. Rarely, if ever, are refunds given to the men defrauded and no action is taken to remove false profiles until they are publicly exposed, even when the organisation has been advised that the profiles are fake through complaints. This information would indicate that AnastasiaDate continue to be knowingly engaged in activity that supports fraud on a massive scale. It would also appear that they make no reasonable attempt to stop it, nor do they refund most customers who are defrauded. The only reason AnastasiaDate is interested in complaints is to:1.remove obvious scams outside of their normal contacts 2.provide information to help develop internal protocols to stop the women being found out so easily. AnastasiaDate issues protocols to its contracting agencies to ensure women on the site behave in a way that will prevent potential problems and to ensure they do not give away information on their social networking profiles.It has been said that AnastasiaDate purchases profiles in the full knowledge that the profiles they buy are not genuine and the agencies they purchase them from are corrupt and fraudulent. Apparently there is no recorded instance of AnastasiaDate terminating the contract of a provider agency. Many of the agencies are small businesses that will then sell profiles they have collected to the bigger players in the market. It also appears that many of the agencies in Ukraine have links to organised crime. Some of the funds that comes from this activity goes to Russian mafia organisations, some goes to Ukraine and Donetsk mafia figures (one of the owners of AnastasiaDate is a well known Ukraine crime figure), and some goes to funding the separatists in east Ukraine. So these agencies are in effect traitors to their own country. On this basis it is very hard to see how AnastasiaDate can claim it provides a genuine environment for men to find a partner. By using AnastasiaDate for entertainment (as it clearly is very unlikely to help you find a wife) you are continuing to promote this activity. AnastasiaDate appears to receive an unrealistic number of positive reviews from ‘customers’ on review sites, but there are many more genuine sounding negative reviews. They tried taking some review sites to court claiming they were using fabricated, negative testimonials but the cases were thrown out. I guess it is pretty clear why.AnastasiaDate is one of multiple sites within the group. The partner sites for slavic countries are:Russianbrides.comEurodate.comDating.comYourtravelmate.comYourchristiandate.comIf you communicate with any person on AnastasiaDate, then you should check other dating sites for their listings as well. Their profile is almost certain to be on multiple sites simultaneously. AnastasiaDate states that the women on their sites do not authorise listings on other sites but this appears to be untrue. Generally these listings on those other sites are apparently verified using IDs and interviews, much the same as the claims made by AnastasiaDate. I recently checked one person on AnastasiaDate and identified they had listings on multiple sites:1.AnastasiaDate.com2.RussianBrides.com3.Dating.com4.EuroDate.com5.YourTravelMates.com6.GoDateNow.com7.RomanceCompass.com8.VictoriaHearts.com9.LoveSwans.com10.MatchTruly.com11.VictoriaBrides.com12.Valentime.com13.UkrainianCharm.com14.NatalyDate.com15.J4L.com16.BravoDate.com17.Charmerly.comThis level of activity would seem to be more about generating an income rather than finding a partner.So with AnastasiaDate, it could be said that you have an operation with a business model that is apparently designed to support fraudulent activity. It seems that their anti-scam policy and complaints area are simply there to help them to fine tune their practices so they do not get caught. Based on the information I have been able to collect it appears that pay by letter and pay for chat sites are generally fraudulent. Many times you will not even be in contact with the person on the profile but instead dealing with a ‘translator’. The girls or ‘translators’ are paid for each minute of chat and for each letter. They also receive benefits from gifts that are sent. Protocols are issued that give instructions on how to write letters, how to engage interest, and rules on how frequently they should respond to their contacts.If you choose to have contact with profiles on AnastasiaDate then you need to try to verify that the person is genuine. It will cost you plenty of money and chances are the contact can always claim that there was no chemistry after a while. Do your own research if you do not believe the information I have listed. It is not so hard. And if you have gone to the effort of earning that money in your bank account, then it seems like a waste to give it away to people who specialise in exploitation, deception, fraud and corruption. «»

  • ma***** 50 years

    Nothing but lies and promises made for 4 years.many many many thousands have been spent and not one real date. I asked in my profile for anyone that ... contacted me to send me a real photo not the ones that were photo shopped for their profiles. Very few out of the average of 10 thousand daily unread letters ever have sent a real one, And when they do I would never have known who they were if I was to actually meet one in person. «»

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