Amor en Linea Review July 2022

Amor en Linea was launched in 2008 by co-founders Dave Heysen and Daniel Haigh under the 3H Group. Amor en Linea is part of the Oasis Dating Network which is comprised of seven dating websites which all share the same profile database. Some of these sites are Oasis, Oasis UK, Amor en Linea, Tata Date, and more. Each site has its own demographic, and Amor en Linea targets the Latinoamerican community. The Oasis Network collectively has 20.9 million members, with 400,000 logging in daily.

1,080,000 Members
 45% ♀ 
 55% ♂ 
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100 / 10
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Amor en Linea in 10 seconds Author Chris Pleines
    Chris Pleines
    Founder of Datingscout and Author of Online Dating for Dummies
    Amor en Linea, even though designated as the Spanish version in the Oasis family, still has a considerable number of American users. This goes to show how diverse the Oasis Dating Network is when it comes to members signing up. Amor en Linea has the perfect recipe for a successful social network: a lot of members, plenty of features, and an easy-to-use website. Thanks to same profile database being shared by seven Oasis websites, you'll find plenty of people around the world with the same purpose: to find romance, love, and friendship. Handy translations are also provided at the tip of your fingers to ensure that you have a seamless experience. Best of all, it's completely free. It's definitely worth trying out and signing up for free. 

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    Who is Amor en Linea for and not for?

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        What we like and don’t like on Amor en Linea


            Is Amor en Linea expensive or cheap?

            In comparison to other providers Amor en Linea is free of charge.

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            Who is really signed up here?

            1,080,000 from USA
            Members activity
            150,000 new members per month
            Gender Proportion
            42 %
            58 %
            • 400,000 daily logins
            • On the desktop website, users from Colombia dominate, followed by Mexico, then Argentina
            • On the mobile app, most users come from Australia, followed by the U.S.

            Amor en Linea members are a diverse bunch. The top desktop website users come from Colombia, followed by Mexico, then Argentina, Chile, and lastly, Spain. The top 4 mobile app users (both iOS and Android) come from Australia, then Great Britain, followed by the USA, and then Indonesia.


            Amor en Linea Age Range and Age Distribution

            • 18-24
            • 25-34
            • 35-44
            • 45-54
            • 55+

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            Latest Amor en Linea Experiences

            • fran*** 69 years


            • Anto*** 66 years


            Amor en Linea in Detail

            • Reading time 16 minutes
            • Lots of insider information for more success

            Signing Up at Amor en Linea

            Amor en Linea Registration
            • Can be through email or Facebook
            • What you're looking for can be: friendship, casual dating, or a serious relationship
            • Additional information e.g. physical appearance and occupation are optional
            • Photos require approval before they can be uploaded
            • Email addresses have to be verified

            Registering through Facebook means clicking one button and, inexplicably, still having to input your basic info such as username, email address, birthday, etc. Amor en Linea has quite strict rules in your photo uploads, but they're understandable: your face has to be clearly visible, larger than 360 by 540 pixels, and less than 3 MB. Most of the other details are only added once you've created your account. These include: your "about me", location, identity, appearance, lifestyle, personality, interests, etc. The identity section has specific questions about your nationality, and first and second language, which seems to be an important aspect in this website, because it is so diverse. The website's top users are from Colombia and Mexico while for the app it's Australia and USA.

            Making Contact on Amor en Linea

            Amor en Linea Chat
            • Once you like someone they only have 3 days to respond
            • People you match with automatically become part of your "contact" list
            • You can add users to your "favorite" list
            • Sending messages to other users is free for everyone

            You can search for profiles with very advanced filters. For the basic search, you can filter through age range, country, state/province, distance, with profile photo, or online now. The advanced search gives you the opportunity to filter matches according to the very same details you signed up with (e.g. identity, appearance, and personality). You can also search by username. The pattern of your search/es can be saved so you can reuse it later. The best part is that all of these search features are free.

            When someone on Amor en Linea likes your profile, you only have 3 days to respond with either a like back, an ignore, or a maybe. If you like them back, you can start chatting immediately. If you answered a "maybe", you can just come back to their profile anytime at your own comfort. Your conversation with someone comes up as a pop-up. Just like Hornet, there is no separate page for your messages. It's also confined to a small corner on the top right, and when you click on each message a slow-loading pop-up appears. Your contact list is placed in the same small, top-right corner. Your favorites are on the top of list. You can also rearrange the list as you please.

            Amor en Linea Profile Quality

            Amor en Linea Profile
            • Get notified every time someone likes your profile
            • Until you complete your profile you can only like 10 profiles per day
            • Profiles from sister dating websites (i.e. Oasis Active) are also shown
            • The profiles are quite detailed
            • The profile information can be changed later
            • Profile pictures are visible to everyone for free
            • Photo, description, location, identity, appearance, lifestyle, etc. can be added later

            The website is free to use so you have unlimited actions, including liking profiles. However, if you haven't completed your profile yet, you can only like 10 profiles per day. It's a good incentive to get people to put more details on their profile and to weed out the frauds. Profile photos can be more than one, and each of them can be liked anonymously by other users. Profiles, similar to Tagged, can have colorful themes. The most major part of profiles are the self-descriptive text boxes. While this is usually a boon for other dating sites (since members tend to become lazy and just fill it with one sentence), a lot of Amor en Linea members have taken advantage of this feature and described themselves in detail.

            In updating your profile, there is a special field that says "I identify myself as a transgender (transsexual, crossdresser, or other gender-variant)." Amor en Linea promises that this piece of information will not be visible in your profile, thus eliminating the risk of entrapment by police officers pretending to view matches. However, when you scroll down to the bottom of your settings, there's a tick box labeled "I do not wish to be matched with members who identify as transgender." Although one could argue the case for anonymity since no one will know if someone's a transgender and no one will know if someone has chosen not to be matched with trans people, there's still an issue of prejudice going on here.

            Amor en Linea App

            Amor en Linea App
            • Primarily available in Spanish
            • Same layout as Oasis apps
            • Overall rating of 4 stars
            • Top Android users are Mexico and Colombia
            • Top iOS users are USA and Colombia

            The app has the same layout as most of the service in the Oasis Dating Network, but with the primary language being Spanish. Fortunately, there is an option to change to English. The app looks neat and organized. Matches are presented in large icons (in contrast to the 1x1 photos making up a grid that's common in dating sites nowadays) so you can take a closer look at a potential contact. The messaging tab is arranged according to who last contacted you, and images can be sent within the conversation.

            Special Features

            Safe Dating Tips

            Amor en Linea has a special page dedicated to guiding users in online safety. It gives tips like speaking over the phone to ensure the person's identity, staying anonymous (not giving out real name, address, contact number, etc.) until you establish trust, choosing a safe place such as a coffee shop when meeting for the first time, and never sending money online. If there is a member you are suspicious of or is exhibiting odd behavior, Amor en Linea has provided a Report button.

            Shout Out

            A Shout Out is a special message that gives you exposure to 1,000 of your most active matches all at once. You can choose a message between:

            • Check out my profile!
            • Contact Me! I am looking for new friends.
            • Do you want to chat?
            • Are you looking for a date?
            • Check out my photo gallery!

            Through Shout Out, you will receive 10 times more attention. You can also send a free Shout Out through Facebook, which shows up as a website share with your customized caption on it.

            Amor en Linea FAQ


            How does Amor en Linea work?

            After creating an account, you are presented with matches based on your own criteria (age, location, etc.). You can choose which ones to like, dislike, or just get return to later. The user then has 3 days to like you back, and if they do, you can start chatting.

            Is Amor en Linea available all over the world?

            Yes, AmorenLinea is available all over the world.

            Is there a forum for Amor en Linea?

            No, there is no forum for AmorenLinea as of yet.

            Is there an Android app for Amor en Linea?

            Yes it is available in Google Play.

            Is there an iPhone app for Amor en Linea?

            No. As of the time of writing, AmorenLinea is only available for Android users.

            How do I contact Amor en Linea?

            You can email them at or fill up the contact form on the website itself. They do not provide customer support over the phone, so don't use the number you can view on their site.

            Does Amor en Linea have a Facebook?

            Yes. Their Facebook username is @AmorEnLineaGratis.

            What is the average age on Amor en Linea?

            The average age is 28-36 years. You can find more information here


            Can I use Amor en Linea without registering?

            No. You have to sign up as member using your email or existing Facebook account.

            How do I download the Amor en Linea app?

            Go to Google Play, look up "Oasis - Dating", then download it.

            How do I deactivate my account?

            Hover on the "My Profile" tab on the top right, right beside your profile. Click on "Settings", then on the Account Settings page, click on "Deactivate Account" under Account. Alternatives will be presented to you. If you want to proceed with the deactivation, the option is on the bottom of the page.

            Can I reactivate my account?

            Yes. All you have to do is log in to AmorenLinea again. Your contact list cannot be recovered, though.


            How much is the premium subscription?

            Since AmorenLinea is completely free, there are no premium packages offered.

            Is Amor en Linea free?

            Yes. Most of the features of AmorenLinea are available to use for free.


            Does Amor en Linea sell your data?

            No, Amor en Linea does not sell your data.

            Was Amor en Linea hacked in the past?

            No, Amor en Linea was never hacked.

            How precisely does Amor en Linea track your location?

            Amor en Linea does not use location tracking.

            Do your Amor en Linea profile pictures and/or profile information show up in Google Search Results?

            No, your Amor en Linea photos and personal information won’t show up in Google Search Results.

            Who can view your pictures on Amor en Linea?

            Pictures need to be unlocked by you before others can view them.

            Is your phone number required for signing up at Amor en Linea?

            No, a phone number is not required for signing up at Amor en Linea.

            Can you erase your personal data on Amor en Linea?

            No, you cannot erase your data on Amor en Linea.

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            Signing Up: 4.5 / 5
            Making Contact: 4.0 / 5
            Profile Quality: 4.0 / 5
            App: 4.0 / 5
            Real Life Review: 5.0 / 5

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