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2RedBeans is an online dating site especially for Chinese people, whether in China or in other parts of the globe. Its purpose is to be an effective, convenient, and safe means to connect Chinese singles together. Through the 2RedBeans dating site, Chinese people seeking a serious partner will no longer find it hard to meet someone who shares the same culture that they have. This online dating site takes finding a partner seriously but also makes sure that its members do have fun while in the process of looking for a serious, meaningful, and lasting relationship.

However, new members may find the costs of 2RedBean’s VIP memberships expensive. But the good thing is that they are still given the privilege to enjoy paid features by using their diamonds, which lets users unlock VIP features, such as unlimited chatting, advanced search, and knowing who checked their profile. These diamonds can either be availed or received by completing the photogenic challenge, insightful challenge, etc. Unlocking special features will make connection and interaction between members better. With 2RedBeans, finding and meeting a partner does not have to be a challenging process anymore. 

Member Structure

501,550 from USA
Members activity
18,180 new members per month
Gender Proportion
71 %
29 %
  • You get a personal profile which you can fill out
  • Chinese singles looking for Chinese dates.
  • Individuals looking for somebody with the same cultural background.
  • Singles who are seriously searching for a lifetime partner.
  • Non-Chinese interested in dating Chinese singles.
  • Online daters seeking for a one-on-one matchmaking service.

2RedBeans has over 700,000 members around the globe, with the majority being Chinese singles who are from various parts of the world. These are individuals who have the preference of dating someone who shares the same cultural background and way of life. Despite this, 2RedBeans still has a pool of international members. In fact, there are also some non-Chinese online daters, who seek to mingle with other singles of Chinese descent. Many users of the 2RedBeans dating site are serious singles who would like to give the one-on-one matchmaking service a try to see if it is an effective way of having a good match.


Age Distribution

  • 18-24
  • 25-34
  • 35-44
  • 45-54
  • 55+

Signing Up

2RedBeans Sign-up
  • Less than 5 minutes.
  • 2-step-process registration.
  • Sign-up with WeChat, Weibo, or Facebook.
  • Fill-out "About Me" and earn diamonds.
  • Very few authenticating information required.

Signing-up for an account on the 2RedBeans dating site is fast and convenient. You will be asked about your gender and your preferred gender match. Along with that information, you must be able to give a valid and active email address. Then, you will be redirected to your own profile page.  

After that, you may already upload decent photos that have good quality and to fill-out the "About Me" section, where there are questions that you have the option to answer or not. You may also opt to answer just the ones that you want to (at least 5 questions). Uploading good photos and providing details about yourself in the "About Me' section lets you earn diamonds.

Before you could browse and search for a match, you have to fill-out basic details about yourself, like your body type, marital status, faith, education, job, interests, etc. Signing-up is just a two-step process, so creating an account will not take too much of your time. However, the 2RedBeans team will have to approve your profile within one business day.

Making Contact

2RedBeans Contacting
  • Send a wink (maximum of 6/day).
  • Add a member to your favorites or bookmark his/her profile page.
  • Send and receive messages for 7 days using 175 diamonds.
  • Hide certain members from your search results.
  • Sending messages to other users is free for everyone

In 2RedBeans, having a connection and an interaction with other members is made fun and easier. You can filter your search results by who's active, who's new, who's nearby, or by your preferred zodiac sign, marital status, or body type.

You are also enabled to send a wink to other members; per day, you can send a maximum of 6 winks. Although unlimited sending and receiving messages is a premium feature, you can still exchange messages with other members with the use of diamonds, which you earn every time you complete a challenge, such as the popularity, insightful, photogenic, and charming challenge.

When a certain member has caught your attention, you can either add him/her to your favorites or bookmark his/her profile page. This feature lets you check his/her profile easier and more conveniently next time. On the other hand, if you wish to exclude a particular member from your search results, you can make him/her hidden. 

Profile Quality

2RedBeans Female Profile
  • Very detailed profile page.
  • Personal details can be updated anytime.
  • Organized and properly sectioned profile information.
  • Turn profile invisibility on or off.
  • Member's profile shows whether his/her phone number is verified.
  • The profiles are very detailed
  • The profile information can be changed later
  • Profile pictures are visible to everyone for free

Because 2RedBeans implements an extensive fraud prevention and because profiles of its new users are subject for approval, both new and aspiring members are assured that the profiles of online daters at 2RedBeans are legitimate, and its members truly exist. Aside from that, the profiles of 2RedBeans' members also bear the information of whether their phone numbers are verified or not.

In addition, the existing members' profiles are very informative and detailed. The different information on a user's profile page is not cluttered, but in fact, properly sectioned. Online daters using the 2RedBeans dating site can update the details on their profile page anytime they want to. They can add or change some information about them, and they can answer more questions that will help other members know them better.

Another important thing that can be seen in a user's profile information is the indication of whether he/she is online at the moment or not. You will easily know that a member is currently online because of the green dot on the top right part of his/her profile photo. 


2RedBeans App
  • Available to both Android and iOs users.
  • Free to download.
  • Has a simple and not overwhelming design.
  • With Chinese and English language options.
  • Easy to navigate interface.

The 2RedBeans online dating site can also be accessed by its members via their smartphones because it has a mobile app version. That means you can still connect with other singles while you are on the go. Without having to use a wired desktop computer, you can still search for potential dates and exchange messages with your prospective matches at your fingertips.

The 2RedBeans dating app is free to download, and it is available on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Similar to its web version, you can also choose your preferred language on the app. Its language options are Chinese and English. This makes it easy especially for some of its non-Chinese members.

The interface of the 2RedBeans dating app is also simple, organized, and easy to navigate. What’s more important is that you can enjoy using the app without any annoying and unwanted pop-up advertisements, so you won’t be distracted and disturbed while finding the right one to date on the 2RedBeans dating app.

Real Life Review

"I just recently signed up for an account and downloaded the app version. I have been using the 2RedBeans online dating site for days now, and I can say that it is not just easy to use, but I also actually enjoy searching for possible dates as well as mingling with other singles through this dating site. Same goes with its app version. So far, I have not been encountering any glitch on the site. Everything, from signing up to doing searches, is hassle-free. The thing about 2RedBeans that I like the most is the Diamonds, which are received (for free) when I log-in, add additional information about myself on my profile page, or upload a photo. This is helpful for a free user, like me, for the reason that with diamonds, certain paid features can be unlocked; one of which is sending and receiving messages. Because of that, I do have a good time searching and virtually socializing with other singles. Online dating through 2RedBeans is both helpful and fun." - Entrepreneur (31)

Design and Usability

The design of the 2RedBeans online dating site is very detailed, yet it is also very organized. It is simple and uncomplicated. Online daters who are not that computer-savvy or users who are just new to the online dating world will definitely not find it difficult to navigate the site because of its simple yet functional computer display.

The details on the site are very readable as well because of the font’s design and size. Also, while navigating the site, you will not encounter overwhelming graphic designs and annoying pop-up ads. This allows you to give more focus on what is on the site. Every information regarding 2RedBeans, including the upcoming events, frequently asked questions, dating safety and the like can easily be found because all the information on the site is sectioned properly. Characteristics like those mentioned are what would make any online dating site’s design excellent and appropriate.

2RedBeans Costs and Prices

Free Services
  • Creating a profile
  • Uploading photos
  • Searching and browsing members
  • Looking for matches
  • Viewing matches
  • Sending a wink
  • Getting daily recommendations of quality singles
Fee based Services
  • Full messaging
  • Read receipt
  • See visitors
  • See who's interested in you
  • More visibility
  • Be recommended first
  • Power filters
  • Event discounts
  • Diamonds
  • Become invisible
Duration / Credits / CoinsCosts per monthTotal
V.I.P. Package
1 Month34.99 USD / Month34.99 USD
6 Months23.99 USD / Month143.94 USD
12 Months19.99 USD / Month239.88 USD
250 Credits0.04 USD / Credit9.99 USD
600 Credits0.03 USD / Credit19.99 USD
1,350 Credits0.03 USD / Credit39.99 USD
Invisibility Plan
1 Month19.99 USD / Month19.99 USD
6 Months15.99 USD / Month95.94 USD
12 Months9.99 USD / Month119.88 USD

Is 2RedBeans expensive or cheap?

In comparison to other providers 2RedBeans is expensive.

2RedBeans Price Table
Payment Options
  • Credit Card
  • PayPal
  • Cheque

Diamonds are paid features, but they can also be earned when you complete the popularity, insightful, photogenic, or charming challenge. You also receive free diamonds upon signing-up and whenever you log-in and upload photo/s.

Special Features

2RedBeans knows that looking for a lifetime partner is a serious business. On the other hand, it also wants its members to have fun and to have a convenient experience while in the process of searching for a serious companion. These special features let you have an enjoyable and convenient online dating experience.

Personal Matchmaker

This one-of-a-kind feature lets you spend lesser time on searching and more time to actually start dating. It also gives you your personal matchmaker. 2RedBeans will go over the things that you are looking for in a potential match and will assign a personal matchmaker to you. The detailed process involves initial evaluation, researching and finding the right date for you, personal interviews to prospective candidates to know if you'll be a good match, and, finally, setting up the initial meeting.

Become Invisible

This another special feature allows you to hide your tracks. By this, you can browse anonymously and decide whenever you want to be seen. Also, when your profile is invisible, other users will not be able to see your last activity time.  

Our rating

Signing Up: 3.0 / 5
Making Contact: 4.0 / 5
Profile Quality: 4.0 / 5
App: 3.5 / 5
Real Life Review: 4.0 / 5

Editors Conclusion

Chris Pleines
Don’t you find looking for a date and a would-be partner kind of hard these days because every single day you tend to live a busier life and have lesser time to meet with potential matches? Because of your busy schedule, setting-up and going out on a blind date is difficult to do. Another hindrance to going for the thrill of blind dating is probably your shyness. Good thing there is an online dating site, like 2RedBeans, that does not only help you look for matches and exchange messages with other singles but also offers a one-on-one personal matchmaking.If you are one of those individuals out there who are serious-minded and earnest in searching for someone who you can be compatible with and someone who can be your life-long companion, or if your goal is to date a Chinese single or someone with Chinese background, 2RedBeans is an ideal online dating site for you.Although some of its features are limited for basic users, you can still maximize your online dating experience with the use of Diamonds, which are earned when you complete challenges, like answering some questions and uploading photos. And the best thing that 2RedBeans offers? You are assigned a personal matchmaker, who does the searching for you. All you have to do is approve a certain match and set up the initial date. With 2RedBeans, finding a life partner is convenient and safe. But if you are more inclined to tradition, you may check out our Matchmaker category.



Can I possibly block a user?

Yes. Just go to the profile of the user that you want to block, then click the options button under the text box.

Why do I need to verify my account?

Having your account verified is one way of letting other members know that you are real, and you are serious. Verifying your account will also give you more profile views.

How do I verify my account?

You can have your account verified using your mobile phone. Just enter your phone number and wait for the text message with the verification code. Once received, enter the code and click "Verify." 

Can I add a certain member as a friend?

Yes. Just go to the profile of the user that you want to add as a friend. Then click the heart icon below the text box. 

How do I look at my friends list?

You can check your friends list simply by clicking "Connections" at the top part of your profile page. Then click "Favorited" to see your list of friends.

App Facts

Does 2RedBeans have a mobile app version?

Yes, aside from the online site, 2RedBeans can also be accessed via a mobile app.

Is the 2RedBeans mobile app free?

Yes, it can be downloaded free of charge.

Is the 2RedBeans dating app available to both Android and iOs users?

Yes, it is available and downloadable from the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

Membership and Payment

Why should I avail a VIP package?

Subscribing to a VIP package will let you enjoy special features, like unlimited messaging, unlimited searching, online chatting, seeing who has visited your profile, and being recommended to other members more often than non-VIP users. 

I want to pay for a membership using my credit card. What cards does 2RedBeans accept?

You can make payments using your Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express credit card. 

Can I pay for a VIP package thru my PayPal account?

Yes, 2RedBeans also accepts payments via PayPal.

If I wish to cancel my VIP membership, would I get a refund?

You can only get a full refund if you pay using your credit card.

How long does the refunding process take?

You can get a refund within 3 days after paying for your VIP package. 

How long will my refund show on my credit card record?

Your refund will reflect on your credit card record within 3-7 days. This depends on the credit card that you use.


Can I send a wink to as many members as I want?

No. Per day, you can only send 6 winks.

How do I earn free diamonds?

You receive free diamonds when you complete certain challenges, like uploading photos and answering insightful questions.

How do I increase my charm level?

Filling out more of your profile, uploading good photos, and visiting other members' profiles are ways in which you can increase your charm.

What does having an increased charm level do?

As your charm level increases, you will also have a higher visibility in searches.

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