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Very Bad
  • Shie*** 71 years

    Not much. There are too many scammers on this site. They don’t read your profile as I was very specific that I am not interested in a long distance r... elationship and that I don’t give out personal information freely. When I visited their profile I didn’t begin to fit into the age category of what they were looking for. Beware - many are divorced, no children and willing to relocate. These are cautions from all of the research I did prior to joining a dating site. I communicated with 2 men who were scammers. They asked me to do things I was not comfortable with, like send cards or money, invest in bitcoins, transfer money for them. One wanted to access my computer through TeamViewer. They gave me bank account information to access their accounts which had millions of dollars. If it’s too good to be true, get out. Don’t ever send money or do any of the things these men asked me to do. Luckily I didn’t do any of those things. I did my research and wasn’t pulled in by their millions of dollars. They are cunning and think they’re slick. They will woo you with endearing terms right off the bat and tell you they love you! Don’t fall into their trap!!!! They are the scum of the earth and prey on women. I am so thankful I did research about on-line dating before joining a dating site and I followed my gut feelings. «»

  • fred*** 61 years

    Lousy experience. I don't want to converse with people from Asia, Africa, Europe or anywhere outside my geographical area. Over several months I have... sent many messages to people in my immediate area and have received zero replies. Also, the site is fraught with fake profiles - they are easy to spot if you're paying close attention. You will not meet anyone using this site. Don't waste your time or money. «»

  • ccls*** 60 years

    Tons of fake profiles. You will not meet anyone remotely close to where you reside. Don't waste your time or money on this site. Terrible.

  • Ji***** 62 years

    I have been a member for about a month. The things I would observe about the site; I used to work in software systems engineering, so I suppose I'm a... hard(er) marker(?): 1) Seems to have (mostly) USA contacts (I am in Australia)2) (Despite #1) The Home Page (despite my profiled/saved Search preferences) throws up a never-ending parade of contacts that are too far away; not sure why I can't get Sydney area contacts (when my Search preferences are set for that). Suggestion for improvement ;] 3) Have seen a couple of scammers floating through the site; I had one from Phillippines (that profiled for Sydney area), as well as one from Ghana (she said). 4) The contacts that I find (in my area by way of custom search) usually show as not having been online in more than a month. I try to Wink/Msg them, but so far, no response(s)...starting to think that those profiles are either 'zombies' and/or reused pics/data from other sites. Overall - so far, the site has not been value for money. Maybe this will change, but not holding my breath. «»

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