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Very Bad
  • Am***** 38 years

    Nothing This app is a scam, they want you to fail and stay single to keep paying, that is the bottom line, I was a gold member and I hv to pay to sen... d messages and they keep the profiles who not active and or long gone and you do not even know about that, so you pay money to send messages to ghosts!! «»

  • Ro***** 26 years

    It’s a fake halal site It’s a scam I met with player not serious, met with pimp tried to pimp me out to a guy from Dubai on our first date, met with ... psycho and guys claim they are Muslim but they are not, a guy he claimed he is a dr and exchange snapshots and first thing he sent his pic naked completely. I reported him but nothing was done . Every one have to protect your self from this fake app called muzmatch «»

  • Moha*** 45 years

    90% of the profiles on MuzMatch are FAKE - the person is not active, or his or her photos are stolen from other sites, social media or through Google ... search. Far too many higher than averge good-looking young women in the 20-28 year range which should make you suspicious. If these women are as pretty as they look in the photos, would they have any difficulty finding a suitable life-partner in real life, instead of going online?Too many profiles don;'t match their ethnic language or countries in which the supposedly live or grew up in. I've never seen so many Turkish,, North Africans speak hardly a word of English. But on Muzmatch, some of these profiles have English that seems to suggest they were all educated or grew up in the US or Canada with style and prose only heard among North Americans.When was the last time did you ever see a very fair, heavy-weight Bangladeshi dude or dudet? Yep, you can find them only on Muzmatch - which could be someone from Jordan, Egypt or even Mexico,instead of Bangladesh!Want to see some very stylish fashion models, who can't seem to find a man? You will find them on Muzmatch!Just watch how many of your likes actually visit your profile. You will get the clue. If you get even 5% visiting you, consider yourself - well fooled!COMPLETE FRAUD. All these fake profiles are obviously a brain-child of the creators of this app, with 10 times the average profiles you will find on other Muslim sites. ALL DESIGNED TO LURE YOU TO UPGRADE AND PAY FOR VIEWING PROFILES, WHICH YOU WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO CONNECT WITH OR EVEN CHAT WITH!STAY AWAY and don't share your CREDIT CARD details with this fake site! «»

  • Ma***** 47 years

    I met a muslim man claiming to be "Robert Mitchell' from Boston. He said he had a house in Boston and 2 houses in Florida, 2children called Ann and Je... sse. He was so sweet and asked for my income and what type of house I had. He appeared to be calmed, professing love and affection requested photos of the family but he claimed he had lost his phone hence had no photos of his adult children with him and it was too painful to talk about his belated wife. My suspicion started to escalate the photo on the profile was different from the one he posted on whatsup, The photo on the whatsup seems familiar and looked serious on his desk, not to the camera. He was sooo 'in love' yet was too busy or too tired to make a voice call. He claimed to love wines and classical music which was a wrong move bc I know my classics ! When I asked which one, he could not provide a single composer ! So I asked what he meant by classical, he said anything classic,, easy listen, I asked to give an example, he could not even name one song, not even Ray, or even the Beatles songs ! Not one single song he could mention. Really??? He could have googled them but he didn't, either he was too busy luring other women or simply stupid enough to design his character. All the alarm bell went off so after more than a month, I threatened to exposed him and called him fake he picked up the phone and Lo and behold, he had a thick subcontinent accent (I know !!) This was coming from someone who was born in Florida, 50 yo, never has been outside USA yet, his mother was a Malaysian but he couldn't even say which part of Malaysia or whether she was a chinese, Malay or Indian. He said his mum never took him to Malaysia for a holiday yet has no aunties or uncles. Whaaaat??? Many of you are laughing at the moment, I know!!I wanted to experiment how this app worked because my ex was scammed for $6000 by a 'very practising' muslim woman and so were my female muslim friends who were scammed by 'very practising reverts'. My disappointment with Muzmatch is how could a selfie verification be enough for a person's verification. Clearly, this so called Robert Mitchell could have taken someone's photo and take a snap and wallah, a selfie verification is passed. For all users please please be aware!! Just because it's a muslim website it doesn't mean it is filled with genuine people. The admin can only do so much and when a fake or a thief wants to do their hustles there's always a way, sadly. Just beware (!) because I have helped two other muslim unravel fake profiles. There are enough checks and balance on out there to help you on how to spot fake characters, especially scams. Good luck! «»

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