5 Great Pick Up Lines That Will Definitely Work on Him

Approaching men can be challenging for many women, especially if the men are exceptionally good-looking. We often dream of being this tall, mysterious woman with incredibly long legs and a glamorous look, especially when we want to walk up to the good-looking guy across the room.

The outdated belief that women should wait passively to be approached is long gone. This is our starting point: if being distant is your preference, go for it. However, it's no longer sufficient to sit back and do nothing today. Ladies, it's time to make your move!

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Nowadays, letting a person know that you are interested in and getting their number can be entirely up to your game. Yes, we understand that the idea of actually coming up to a guy and initiating the conversation first can be terrifying. We get it. We do. But here's a tip: men can also be just as nervous as you!

Here are great tips and tricks we've come up to help you in the dating department. You can combine or use any of these anywhere—may it be in a bar, coffee shop, online, or even the streets. There are still ways to take action and make him chase you while still keeping it elegant and classy.

Men are human beings, too. They can be shy and terrified of approaching you. With these smooth pick up lines, however, you are guaranteed to have a higher chance of success in getting his number.

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Tip 1: "Hi, how's your day going?"

Ladies, here's the drill. The real reason why you aren't getting any success is because of one of these two things (or maybe both): 1. You don't go out often. 2. When you do, you don't seal the deal by actually talking to someone. It goes the same way with online dating. If you see someone cute and you don't send him a message, you are sure to have no breakthroughs into changing your current dating status.

You may scoff at the line, but sometimes, we need to state the obvious. Start simple. Go up to the guy and ask him how he is. Men are, in fact, easier to approach than women. Most of them would reply politely and share a thing or two about them. Here is the follow up: smoothly introduce yourself and ask him something about what he had just shared. Take this conversation, for example:

"Hi, how are you?"

"I'm good. Had a great day. How about you?"

"Hi, I'm Cynthia. And you are?"

"I'm Mike."

"So, Mike, what did you do today to make this day great?"

This exchange might be way too obvious, but you'll be shocked to find out how some people forget this easy and obvious way of approaching other people. People can be guarded. They might seem intimidating to approach but always remember that we all feel some vulnerability, especially when in a social situation.

Build the foundations of your conversation. Ask about his life and pay attention to details. Men like it when they know you listen. Be attentive and genuine. You just might have exchanged contact information by the end of it. 

Tip 2: "Hey, I could really use your help for something."

One of those famous philosophers with white hair once said, "If you want someone to be your friend, let them do you a favor."

The best way to approach a guy is by asking him a favor. Let his chivalrous side kick in and let him do something for you. When a woman asks a simple favor from a man, she would be triggering his base instinct, which is to provide and protect. Guys love being the knight in shining armor. When given the opportunity, they are highly likely to jump at the chance to "help" you. Your conversation can be something like this:

"Hey, can I ask for a favor? Can you please hold my jacket while I hand these drinks to my friends? I've run out of hands."

He'll most likely say, "Okay."

Once you're done, you return to him and say, "Wow, thank you so much! That was very kind of you. How's your day going anyway?"

With that smooth transition, you can segue into a conversation with him. The thing that guarantees 100% success rate with this technique is that: he thinks he did that. He will think that that was his move all along. But it is, in fact, your idea. You chose him. Think of it as the modern-day equivalent of dropping the handkerchief. You create a scenario where you will make him help you.

Tip 3: "That's a cool shirt. Where did you buy it?"

Women are known to be detail-oriented. Some guys would see "green," but women would say, "chartreuse," "mint," or, "emerald." Women are more likely to be observant when it comes to a guy. She can see that the guy is wearing a particular shoe brand and automatically log in an impression of his personality, according to the brand. Ladies, use that power of deduction and observation to your advantage.

It doesn't have to be his shirt. Look deeper. Is he wearing a statement shirt? Is he wearing some insignia? What brand are his shoes? Does his perfume smell good? Is he wearing glasses?

Those observations may serve as your way into sparking a conversation with him. For the sake of the example above, let's go with the shirt. If he is wearing a shirt with a band logo on it, you can ask where he bought it and maybe, even say something beautiful about the band (if you are familiar with it). Say, if he is wearing a college hoodie, you could ask about the university and how his experience was at that school.

This gets the conversation rolling. When you establish a rapport, you have a good chance of actually getting him to like you back. Men can be flattered, too, you know. 

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Bonus Tip: Make eye contact, smile, and if you are feeling bold, wave him over.

Ronan Keating put it quite well when he said, "You say it best when you say nothing at all." Sometimes, the best pick up line is no pick-up line at all. We will explain why.

Men are cautious, too. If they see a green light, they pursue. If they detect a red light or little to no sign at all, they don't. Think of it this way: men are asking for permission to approach and talk to you. Here's the truth: women can be harder to vibe with and please than men. Therefore, as a defense mechanism, men comb through signs, may it be your body language or actual verbal language, to see if it is actually "safe" to approach you.

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Let's put it this way. Treat your dating life like a fireplace. You wouldn't say, "Okay, give me some heat and then, I'll give you some wood." It just wouldn't work that way. You need to give wood or for this case, some sort of a signal to get the fire going. 

Do not be stingy with your interest. If you are showing interest to men, you'll be sure to receive a lot more attention back. Say, you are at a club. Make eye contact. Smile and mouth the word, "Hi." If you are feeling particularly brave, wave him over and gesture to the seat next to you. If he is curious, which he is, he will come right over to you immediately. 

If in an online context, send him a wink or a message. The bottom line here is to let him know that you can be approached. Talking to you is okay. Men want to feel welcomed. Let them know that you are entertaining. Send the message across that he can make his move. 

Tip 4: "I can't help but notice that. . . "

Allow us to reiterate: observation, no matter how simple, can be the key to approaching men. Women have an advantage over this since they are detail-oriented. Ladies, start by taking in your immediate surrounding and comment on it. Take it even a step further and comment on something you've observed about him. Your comment can be simple, one-liners. You don't have to Sherlock the guy. Take this as an example, you see a cute guy down the street, and he is standing by his motorcycle:

"Woah, I can't help but notice that cool bike. What is it?"

He'd proceed to tell you about his motorcycle. If you happen to stumble upon a bike enthusiast, he might just give you a complete rundown of his engine. Then, you could navigate your conversation like this:

"I'm Jen, by the way. Oh, what's your name?"

"I'm Mike."

"Great, lovely to meet you, Mike. So, what are you doing around here?

When he proceeds to explain about his business, you can try to find common ground for you both. This gets the conversation flowing while building the rapport with each other.

"Oh, you're doing that? That's very interesting. I have a friend who does that, too. You know what, we should exchange numbers. I'd love to get to know more about you."

Once you initiate asking for his number, the direct approach shows you to be confident, friendly, and a go-getter. He might even be impressed at how easy it was for you to approach him and start a conversation. Remember, guys get rejected more often than women. So if you start being direct, they can be more receptive towards you.

Tip 5: "I feel really safe around you."

This particular pick up line is different from the others since you don't just say this to any guy. The first four are conversation starters. But this one? This line is best used to the lucky man who you are intimate with. We also include this here in the list for women who are dating someone and want to spice things up a little bit. 

This pick-up line calls to his masculine instincts. Men like to be needed. By saying that he makes you feel safe, not only will that appeal to his base instincts, but it will also warm the cockles of his heart. For him, he has accomplished a male purpose, which is to make his lady feel safe.

We like this particular line because although you are appealing to his provider and protector personality, it doesn't mean that you are automatically a damsel in distress. You are your own woman who just happens to feel a little safer when he is around. 

This goes back to human psyche once again: when you compliment a person, all the more that they'll strive to live up to that praise. The same goes for men. When you are generous with noticing his good qualities, the more he will strive to be the right kind of man for you.

When Can Women Use the Best Pick Up Lines

IRL (In Real Life)

Whether it be in a coffee shop, bar, grocery, down the street, or the library, there are tons of cute guys waiting to be approached. You might find it intimidating to make the first move. But here's the thing: men are twice as nervous about approaching you than you are with them. Men get rejected a lot, so for him to be contacted first can be quite a big deal for him, already. 

Despite that old-fashioned notion that men should always make the first move, you can choose to break the glass ceiling and be proactive in your dating style. Take command. Be confident and own your destiny. 

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Nowadays, we are bombarded with technology in communicating. We have apps and apps and apps for just communicating. We have Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, dating apps, and so much more. Most of the world's population are on the Internet. We are perpetually glued to our own devices and gadgets.

These days, communicating is as easy and as fast as breathing or blinking. We are being exposed to messages, news, and people. This also opens up a whole new medium for dating and meeting new people. 

You just type in a few words, hit send, and voila! You have reached countless people. Despite the advanced technology we enjoy today, we are still often hindered by the blocks we impose on ourselves.

If you match with a guy in an online dating app that you think is attractive and interesting, but does not seem to take notice on you, rather than wait for him personally message you, why not message him first? 

We’re all about women empowerment here. Yet, there are still some dating etiquettes to follow. Yes, even online. Therefore, a classy lady should not just send a wink emoji or some other vague thing. 

As we have stated in this article, observation is the key. Observe his profile and online activity. Say something interesting, witty, or intelligent about his profile. We are done with the “How are you doing?” lines – that ship has sailed. Get to know him and apply our tips from above. 

You might find that having a digital medium can make the fear of actually messaging a guy you like a little less.


Ladies, when we think of going up to the guy and start talking to him, we sometimes envision ourselves to be a six-foot-tall glamazon with luxurious hair and mile-long legs. However, what we fail to realize is that this fantasy is just a mere form of armor. The thought of putting ourselves out there, bare as we can be, can be terrifying.

Here's a simple truth that we don't see: it's a lot easier to approach men than it is to approach women. Their instinct tells them to look out for some signs to know that it's safe to come up to you. And when they don't see any signal, they most likely won't make a move.

Despite what mainstream media tells you, it is perfectly alright to approach a man first. With that great smile of yours, confidence, and warm attitude, you can charm his socks off without even trying too hard. You don't have to be a glamazon or Angelina Jolie. Believe us when we say, you are enough.

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