Ever stumbled upon a viral sensation that made you stop scrolling? That's exactly what happened with "Hawk Tuah Girl." She suddenly became a big deal online, thanks to a single viral video.

Learn more about Hawk Tuah Girl in this article and get all the answers to your “spit on that thang” questions!

Who Is the Hawk Tuah Girl?

When Hailey Welch, now known to the world as Hawk Tuah Girl, first appeared on our screens, it wasn’t just her appearance that captured hearts—it was her words.

In her viral video, she was asked, “What’s one move in bed that makes a man go crazy every time?”

Her response—”You gotta give ém that ‘hawk tuah’ and spit on that thang!”

What's with the Hawk Tuah?

“Hawk tuah” mimics the sound of a man in an old Western saloon spitting into a spittoon, except here, it's used in a sexual context. It's pretty humorous. Whether it stays funny enough to go viral for more than a week is for you to decide.

Yep! She said something funny, and the internet is loving it. People are quickly scrambling to figure out how to capitalize on it. There was even a rumor that she would sign with United Talent Agency, but TMZ now reports that no such deal is in the works.

Did the Hawk Tuah Girl Make Money?

The Hawk Tuah girl seems to be making the most of her brief moments in the spotlight.

Welch has collaborated with the clothing brand Flathead Threads to market merchandise, including some items she has autographed herself.

Brand owner Jason Poteete mentioned Welch's involvement in the process, though he did not disclose the percentage of sales going to her.


“Of course, she hasn’t received any money from the first viral video,” Poteete mentioned. “No one was asking her permission for anything either. I just wanted her to profit from this deal.”

One of the items for sale is a hat featuring the now-iconic phrase 'hawk tuah' across the front. A plain one costs nearly $34, and a sold-out autographed version is around $51. At least 2,000 hats have been sold!

Is the Hawk Tuah Girl a Teacher?

hawk tuah meme

No, that's just a rumor. The Tippah County Tribune, a satirical social media account, posted on Facebook claiming that Welch (referred to as "Hailey Wellington") was fired from her position as a preschool teacher at "Epstein Day School."

Their fabricated story included tales of children "spitting on each other and everything else" following the viral video.

In reality, Welch's actual profession is unclear, though several Instagram fan pages suggest she's a bartender. If that’s true, it's a safe bet she’s earning generous tips.

Wrapping Up

Although internet fame can come and go quickly, Welch has shown she knows how to make the most of her time in the spotlight. Her story perfectly shows how a simple, funny moment can catch everyone's attention online. Whether or not the 'hawk tuah' trend lasts, it shows how humor and quick thinking can get people talking and engaging on the internet.

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