How to Be Romantic: Reigniting the Romance in Your Relationship

Let's explore how to be romantic and reignite the spark in your relationship!

Sometimes, American couples feel like the excitement and closeness they once had is missing. But it's okay; it doesn't mean your relationship is in trouble. Just a little effort and some new ideas can help you feel close again.

In this guide, we'll share simple tips and fun ways to make your relationship exciting again, no matter how long you've been together. These tips are easy to try and can help bring back that special feeling.

What Is Romance?

Romance means different things to different people. But at its core, it's about expressing love and affection towards your partner. It includes sweet words, romantic gestures, thoughtful acts of kindness, and surprises. But, more importantly, it keeps love alive.

Also, romance is an integral part of any healthy relationship. It helps keep things exciting and adds an element of surprise to your everyday routine. Whether you're in a new relationship or have been with your partner for years, there are always ways to keep the romance alive.

What Does It Mean to Be Romantic?

To be romantic means to express your love and affection towards your partner in a way that is thoughtful and meaningful to them. It's about creating memorable moments and memories that deepen your emotional connection and make your partner feel loved and cherished.

Flowers as a present

Being romantic can include many things, from small gestures like having quality time, leaving love notes, or buying their favorite treat to grand gestures like planning a surprise romantic getaway, going to your favorite restaurant, or proposing marriage. The key is understanding what your partner finds romantic and tailoring your actions to their preferences.

Being romantic also involves being attentive to your partner's needs and feelings. It's about showing them that you care about their happiness and well-being and that you're willing to put in the effort to make them feel loved and valued.

Qualities of a Romantic Person

A romantic person possesses several qualities that make them stand out in their romantic relationships. Here are some of the attributes of a romantic person:

  • Thoughtful

A traditionally romantic person is thoughtful and considerate towards their partner's needs and feelings. They go out of their way to make their partner feel loved and appreciated.

  • Creative

A romantic person is creative and imaginative when expressing their love. They devise unique and thoughtful ways to surprise their partner and make them feel special.

  • Passionate

A romantic person is passionate about their relationship and their partner. Therefore, they put effort into maintaining the spark and keeping the romance alive.

  • Attentive

A romantic person is attentive to their partner's needs and feelings. They listen actively and respond with empathy and understanding.

  • Expressive

A romantic person is expressive and communicates their emotions openly and honestly. They're not afraid to talk and be vulnerable with their partner.

  • Spontaneous

A romantic person is spontaneous and loves to surprise their partner with unexpected gestures of love and affection.

  • Patient

A romantic person is patient and understanding with their partner, especially during difficult times. They're willing to work through challenges and conflicts to strengthen their relationship.

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Ways to Be Romantic

There are countless ways to be romantic with your partner, and the best ones often fit your unique relationship. Here are some general ideas and tips to inspire you:

  • Plan a Surprise

Surprise your partner with a thoughtful gesture or gift, like breakfast in bed, a bouquet, or a love letter.

  • Cook a Romantic Meal

Prepare a special meal for your partner with candlelight and a romantic playlist.

  • Get Outside

Go for a romantic walk, hike, go to your favorite restaurant or picnic in a beautiful outdoor setting.

  • Indulge in Self-Care

Treat your partner to a spa day, massage, or other pampering experience that helps them relax and feel loved.

  • Create a Memory

Plan a special outing or experience you and your partner can enjoy, like a concert, museum visit, or hot air balloon ride.

  • Be Affectionate

Show physical touch and physical affection towards your partner, like holding hands, hugging, or kissing. By giving them this physical touch, they will feel loved.

  • Give Compliments

Compliment your partner on their looks, personality, or accomplishments to make them feel valued.

  • Listen Actively

Listen attentively to your partner when they speak, and respond with empathy and understanding.

  • Surprise Them at Work

Send your partner surprise gifts or love notes at work to brighten their day and show that you're thinking of them.

  • Make Time for Intimacy

Set aside quality time to be intimate with your partner and focus on creating a connection between you, such as regular date nights or watching romantic movies.

  • Watch the Sunset or Sunrise Together

Find a beautiful spot and take the time to appreciate the beauty of nature together. Trust me; it's super romantic. 

  • Write a Love Poem or Song

Use your creativity to write a heartfelt poem or song that expresses your love for your partner.

  • Take a Weekend Getaway

Plan a romantic weekend getaway to a nearby destination, like a cozy cabin or a beach resort.

  • Create a Romantic Atmosphere

Set the mood with soft lighting, candles, and music to create a cozy and intimate atmosphere.

  • Show Interest in Their Hobbies

Take an interest in your partner's life, hobbies, and passions, and participate in activities they enjoy.

  • Send a Care Package

Send your partner a care package with their favorite things, like snacks, books, or other small gifts.

  • Learn a New Skill Together

Sign up for a class or workshop together to learn a new skill, like cooking or dancing.

  • Have a Game Night

Plan a fun and romantic game night at home with snacks and drinks.

  • Celebrate Special Occasions

Celebrate important milestones and special occasions in your relationship, like anniversaries, birthdays, or Valentine's Day.

  • Support Their Dreams

Show your partner that you believe in their dreams and aspirations, and help them achieve their goals by offering encouragement, support, and resources.


While being romantic can be a fantastic way to show your partner that you care, it's essential to keep a few warnings in mind:

  • Don't Go Overboard

While your gestures can be romantic, it's important not to go overboard and make your partner uncomfortable or overwhelmed. Remember that not everyone likes romantic things.

  • Respect Their Boundaries

It's important to respect your partner's boundaries and preferences and not push them to participate in activities or experiences they're uncomfortable with.

  • Be Genuine

Being romantic is about showing your partner that you care, so it's essential to be authentic in your gestures and actions.

  • Don't Use Romance to Manipulate or Control

Being romantic should never be used to control your partner. It's vital to always act with respect and honesty in your relationship.

  • Remember That Romance Is Not a Substitute for Communication

While being romantic can help strengthen your relationship, it's important to remember that open and honest communication is the foundation of any healthy relationship. When you're having trouble communicating in your relationship, consider the advice of a relationship expert or relationship coach.

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In conclusion, being romantic shows your partner you care thoughtfully and creatively. By practicing the qualities of a romantic person, respecting your partner's boundaries, and communicating openly and honestly, you can reignite the spark in your relationship and deepen your connection with your partner. So take the time to plan a surprise date night, write a love letter, or express your appreciation for your partner, and watch as the romance blossoms in your relationship. Author Chris Pleines
Chris Pleines
Founder of Dating Scout and Author of the book "Online Dating for Dummies"
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