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Very Bad
  • Dar**** 39 years

    How real it gets!Because I can't find the right page to access Charmerly.

  • Ba***** 44 years

    nothing4 ladies that I've been interacting on charmerly had no idea who I was when I found them on facebook. In order to make sure that the facebook ... lady was genuine, they agreed to have a video call with me to make sure all the parties involved. All of them stated that they are not operating their profiles on charmerly, they are called by their local agents when it comes to make pictures with gifts - 3 ladies confirmed their profiles and messages are managed by local / regional agents. «»

  • B****** 55 years

    I’ve been chatting with a Anna for about 6 to 8 months now first she wanted a phone, then a iPad. So we could communicate I got all her personal info... rmation so we did not go through the site I got all her personal information so we did not go through the site.Then it ends up she would not answer my emails and just five days ago she wants me to buy her a $4400 ring and her mother will get her plane ticket to me. A little suspicious to me thank you for your time. «»

  • juer*** 56 years

    In Charmerly you dont find real women. Nearly all or them are fakes and they have to convince you to open pics and Videos. E. G. With promises that yo... u will see something really special. A secret. Open a video costs 50 credits. Its approxematley 14 Euro. Videos have a lenght from. 5 - 15 seconds. Viewing pics costs also 2,80 / pic. Answering a letter costs 8,50 Euro.... So all is only made for paying and earning money. Before you spend 3000 credits for a woman you cannot ask for her mailadress. And also if you spent this amount, its not clear that you will get a mailadress. My recommadition: leave this site. Not serious. «»

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