Is AdultFriendFinder worth every penny?

Everything you pay for has a value, and often, you get better quality if you pay more. This is what you'll find with AdultFriendFinder's costs. This site is one of the first of its kind and has stood strong through challenges like hackers and technical issues.

It offers its members confidence and security when they decide to become members. Some people who have used the site say that the premium packages cost a lot. 

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But you should think about a few things before deciding it's too much. Let's explore AdultFriendFinder's cost in the US here.

AdultFriendFinder: How much does it cost?

The table below shows the cost for the three membership packages.

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Is Adultfriendfinder expensive or cheap?

In comparison to other providers Adultfriendfinder is in the upper midfield.
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Duration / Credits / CoinsCostsTotal
Gold Membership
*Your Gold Plan gets you unlimited communication with all members. But, free members can’t contact you. This will allow free members to see your full profile and message you anytime using the Message Center.
1 Month27.95 USD / Month27.95 USD
3 Months20.95 USD / Month62.85 USD
Gold Membership Best Value
*Your Gold Plan gets you unlimited communication with all members. But, free members can’t contact you. This will allow free members to see your full profile and message you anytime using the Message Center.
12 Months14.95 USD / Month179.40 USD
Enhanced profile gallery & hi-res member videos viewing
1 Month14.99 USD / Month14.99 USD
Enhanced member-to-member interaction
1 Month14.99 USD / Month14.99 USD
Chat Plus
Enhanced direct member-to-member communication
1 Month9.99 USD / Month9.99 USD
Advanced Search & Highlight
1 Month4.99 USD / Month4.99 USD

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You have three options to choose from if you feel like being a gold member of AdultFriendFinder. Avail of 1, 3 or 12-month membership in one-time payment using any of the payment terms available.

If you are just starting and wants to check it out first, avail of the 1month Gold Membership. But when you purchase the 3 or 12month membership package, you enjoy discounts and save up to 50% to the total price.

AdultFriendFinder Cost is actually the sum of:

...tight security measures

  • AdultFriendFinder has a certificate which makes it more secure to use. It gives extra data encryption for an extra layer of protection. This is to avoid another breach of data, which happened when hackers attacked the site a few years back.

  • The website has a proficient data center to make sure that members meet real people only. They have established a certified ID option which is needed to be confirmed by each member.

...compensation of people operating and maintaining the site

  • Without manpower to look after the daily operations of the site, a lot of things can go wrong. With millions of members around the world, glitches will appear on the site once in a while if not maintained by experts.
  • It would be better to interact with real customer service representatives than an automated bot to address your concerns, right?

...continuous research and development to give the users a better and up-to-date experience

  • Everything has evolved and has been developing fast especially on the digital world. From the design to the features, and unique marketing strategies, every company, including the developers of AdultFriendFinder, needs to go with the flow and transform with time.

...of course, a little profit for the developer

  • Putting up a site like this aims to help other people satisfy their needs. However, the developer themselves need to satisfy their needs as well. 

Why choose AdultFriendFinder?

  • Considered as a sexual haven for members from all walks of life
  • AdultFriendFinder is an award-winning online dating site
  • Contains tons of adult contents and features to satisfy members' sexual needs
  • Commitment-free dating site
  • Accepts members of all gender and arrangements

Modernization has led to the liberalization of people's mind. That includes how open and expressive they are when it comes to sexuality. Regardless of gender, profession, marital status and sexual arrangement, the members of AdultFriendFinder has found the place where they can meet like-minded individuals and hookup without worrying of getting hurt or hurting somebody else. All fun, no commitment and obligations.

If you are joining a club, a group, or for this matter, signing up for a dating site, why not choose a tried and tested portal to satisfy your needs? Not only that it is one of the first sites developed for online dating, but it is also one of the most awarded in the field. In 2010, AdultFriendFinder was the "Dating Program of the Year" (XBIZ Award)," "Best Adult Dating Site" in 2012, "Best Dating Company" (YNOT) in 2015, and GFY's "Best Dating Company" in 2016.

The site does not pretend to be a wholesome one. What you see is actually what you really get. Upon signing up, see tons of adult contents-- photos, videos, and texts. Be open as you explore the site, engage with members with same or even different interests. Be yourself. No pretentions, just the real you.

Of course, everything you see on the site is about sex, fetishes, and fantasies. What makes it better is you can experience all of it without committing to other members. It's not that you cannot meet "the one" on this website. But AdultFriendFinder is the place to be if you just want to have fun, be kinky, and feel sexy.

If you're not interested in purchasing a premium membership on the site, you'll be missing so much. Seeing other members but cannot message them surely is disappointing. You wouldn't want to miss the live streaming from a hot member just because you wouldn't want to spend money on it. It's like wanting to watch a movie but not wanting to pay for it. The difference? The movie will be available online or n DVDs after some time. But Livestream or their other videos won't.

Don't worry to reveal your gender. In AdultFriendFinder, everybody is accepted. With millions of members all over the world, you'll surely find someone or more, who matches your interest and sexual preference. Males, females, and LBTQ+ members can freely express themselves through this app without the fear of being judged and discriminated. This goes the same with members who have conventional and unconventional set-ups. Whether you are single and ready to mingle; a couple who wants to play with trouble; a group who seeks another group- you are welcome to join the fun. 

AdultFriendFinder Members Graphic

Free Membership Vs Gold Membership

For Regular Members

Free Features
  • Like photos and videos
  • Create a Hotlist
  • Join blogs and groups
  • Comment on blogs and photos
  • Watch uploaded videos on the homepage
  • Use search filters
  • Test now for free

For Gold Members

Premium Features
  • View full profiles
  • Send gifts
  • Add friends
  • Send messages
  • Read Messages
  • Use Chat
  • Watch members on a live stream
  • Flirting
  • Sex Academy
  • Voyeur
  • Interaction
  • Chat Plus
  • Advanced Search & Highlight
  • Standard Contact

Get better results if you dare to invest in something. And by paying for AdultFriendFinder Gold Membership, you will have an investment to have a better online hookup experience.

AdultFriendFinder Gold Membership Cost vs. Real Life Dating

Imagine being on a bar finding someone to hit on. You have no idea who to talk to. You don't know what to expect nor what the other person might expect from you. And there you are being agitated and pressured of what the result of approaching someone will be. All you wanted is a simple, straight-forward hook-up but then, it might give a wrong signal and become exactly the other way around for the other party. 

There can be a lot of complications you might face if you are not someone looking for a long term relationship. You might hurt or even traumatize another person if you express your real intentions in talking to him or her. You might also then turn out to be hurt physically- with a slap on your face, or a strong punch right on your stomach. So if you want just pure hookups, go with AdultFriendFinder.

On the site, you are expected to be looking for casual sex, occasional hookups, or friends with benefits. You don't need to be scared of revealing your true intentions because you will find people who are looking for the same things that you want.

The free membership features of AdultFriendFinder are already very inviting. However, being a Gold Member gives you a better experience because it lets you browse the profiles of members who interest you. Communicate with them and invite them for a meetup- either through video call, or face-to-face sexy time. You can also view other members' live stream and send them gifts in return. 

Satisfy your needs in any way you know how by just finding the right person or group of people in AdultFriendFinder.

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