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It may have originated from Australia, but RedHotPie has been making its way throughout the world. It is marking its territory in the online dating world. 

Regardless of your sexuality, you are welcome to try and search your perfect date through this site. Not alone? Tag along with your partner or your group and together, explore the wonders that RedHotPIe offers.

Users can join the site using their Facebook login and can utilize social networking features by participating in forums, photo galleries and by liking other members profiles and pics. 

The majority of Red Hot Pie members are under 35 and members seem to be quite active on the site and frequently interact with other members.

Member Structure

2,000,000 from USA
Members activity
800,000 active weekly
Gender Proportion
37 %
63 %
  • Thirty-three percent of RedHotPie members are from the United States
  • Singles, couples and groups of all gender are present on the members' list of RedHotPie
  • A lot of members are swingers who want to explore their sexual fantasies with one or more people
  • Male members are greater than the female members by almost twenty percent
  • Almost thirty percent of the total RHP members are 25-34 years old

The United States ranks second next to Australia, among the countries with the most number of RHP members. Considering that AU is the origin country of the site, the USA also has a significant number of members actively using the site.

Gender is not an issue and even couples and groups called swingers are welcome to use the site's features. RHP acknowledges swingers from the moment they sign up. When answering the registration form, they have the opportunity to declare their needs to properly match them with other swingers like them.

The difference between the number of male and female members are remarkable. This could mean that men are more open-minded than women with what RHP can offer. As scientific studies show, men are more polygamous in nature, which supports the idea that men are more likely to engage in swinger-kind of relationships.

The majority of Red Hot Pie members are under 35 but not younger than 24 years old. Members of these ages seem to be quite active on the site and frequently interact with other members. Considering that they are the age group with the easiest access to the internet without any restrictions like the younger ones have. Older people tend to get easily bored learning the new technology, which makes them less interested in online dating.


Age Distribution

  • 18-24
  • 25-34
  • 35-44
  • 45-54
  • 55+

Signing Up

  • Quick and easy set up
  • Use your Facebook profile for even faster set up
  • Some users put only limited info on their profiles

Signing up is quick and easy and with one click you can opt to use your Facebook profile for your login and to help you complete your profile. This will be private to your Facebook newsfeed.

There are just two screens to get set up which require only very basic information. You can return to update your profile with more information at a later stage. 

Sign up is free for a guest membership.

Making Contact

  • You can send a free 'flirt' first to see if another member is interested
  • Profiles reveal a lot about a member for good conversation starters
  • There is a chatroom
  • Replying to flirts and messages is free

Free Flirt messages have plenty of default messages so you will be able to find exactly the right thing you want to say.

Paid members can make contact and send free text messages to other users.

Premium+ and above members can request text chats with other members, as well as webcam chats. 

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Profile Quality

    • The profiles are very detailed
    • The profile information can be changed later
    • Profile pictures are visible to everyone for free
    • Profiles can be very detailed to decribe your appearance, lifestyle and interests
    • Users are generally very up front with what they are seeking from casual dating
    • Questions are optional, so not all users complete all questions
    • You can upload photos directly from your computer or phone, or from facebook
    • The majority of profiles we saw during our review looked genuine


      Red Hot Pie has a mobile app for both Android and Apple. The app provides most of the functionality of the desktop site including managing your profile, searching and browsing member profile, managing your account and using the forums. 

      Other special features such as dating advice, photo galleries and web chat are not available on the mobile app.

      Real Life Review

      James, Account Manager, 24 - After moving interstate for a new job I needed to get out and about and make some new friends. A guy at work had told me about Red Hot Pie and that he had used the site to meet about 10 girls in the past year, some were dates, others just hook ups. I thought I could do with some action and went on the site looking for a hook up too! In my first 3 days on the site I had spoken with a lot of girls I found through search, but started a good conversation with someone who I got noticed in a forum about awkward sexual experiences. We met that weekend and yes we hooked up, and a year later we are still hooking up, but she is now my girlfriend. And no, there was no awkward sexual experiences between us. 


      Red Hot Pie offers a lot of functionality and special features but this can make the site seem somewhat overwhelming initially as there is so much to look at. It does not take long to get used to the site and become confortable navigating the different sections though. 

      RedHotPie Costs and Prices

      Free Services
      • Flirts
        Guests and paid members can send unlimited Flirt messages to other users to indicate that they are interested.
      • Replying to Emails
        Guests and paid members can respond to messages sent by paid members.
      • Test now for free
      Fee based Services
      • Sending Emails
        Only paid members can send other members messages, unless a guest member is sending a Platinum Diamond Club member a message which is free.
      Duration / Credits / CoinsCosts per monthTotal
      5 daily messages, 2 webcam chat views
      1 Month39.40 USD / Month39.40 USD
      20 daily messages, 2 webcam chat views, request private chats
      1 Month54.60 USD / Month54.60 USD
      50 daily messages, 3 webcam chat views, request private chat, guests can message you
      1 Month79.50 USD / Month79.50 USD
      Platinum Diamond Club
      Unlimited messages, 6 webcam chat views, request private chat, guests can message you, 'Diamond' status badge on profile
      12 Months31.67 USD / Month380.00 USD

      Is RedHotPie expensive or cheap?

      In comparison to other providers RedHotPie is upper moderate.
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      Payment Options
      • Credit Card
      • Direct Debit
      • Cheque
      • BPAY
      Payment discretion
      • Payments will appear on your credit card statement under a discreet billing name for privacy.

      If you sign up for more than a month you can save a lot on your memebership. Sign up for 3 months and you will save up to 52%, 6 months up to 66% and 12 months up to 76%!

      Once you sign up to a paid membership plan, the membership is automatically renewed each month. This function can be disabled in account settings though and your membership will expire once your paid membership period ends.

      Special Features

      Profile Builder

      • Helpful for those that struggle to describe themselves or never know what to say on a profile, this tool helps you through the profile creation process with various template comments to communicate what you are after from the site.


      • Site offers an adult forum for members to communicate on a host of topics

      News Stream

      • Homepage shows activity that you may be interested in, such as new users and users that are travelling in your area and are up for casual fun

      Amateur Pics

      • Users can submit saucy pics for other users to view in a gallery, users can rate pics they like and members can win monthly cash prizes

      Dating Advice

      • RedHotPie’s celebrity Date Doctors, Geoff Barker and Bessie Bardot share with members their expertise and advice on relationships and sex

      Our rating

      Signing Up: 4.0 / 5
      Making Contact: 4.5 / 5
      Profile Quality: 4.5 / 5
      App: 4.0 / 5
      Real Life Review: 4.5 / 5

      Editors Conclusion

      Chris Pleines
      Red Hot Pie has plenty of functionality to keep members entertained of the site, including many special features not usually offered by other sites. These extra features mean users can participate in discussions, interact with other members in forums and view naughty member photo galleries which gives the site a real community feel. Of course, if you do not wish to participate in these areas of the site you can remain private and discreet. The site has a younger membership base than other casual dating sites and is a great place for many types of adult fun. 
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      General Facts

      I receive notification for every nearby member's activity. How can I turn it off?

      On the Nearby Page at the bottom of RedHotPie site, click notify me and choose which setting only sends notifications to you.

      What is TV/TS?

      TV/TS stands for Transvestite/Transsexual who enjoys cross-dressing or are identified as the opposite sex. RedHotPie respects if they wish to be identified as male and female which they may choose upon registration.

      I gave some members access to my private photo albums but they can't still see the contents, what should I do?

      Other members cannot view your restricted photos unless they are paying for membership. If they are premium members of RedHotPie, they should see the contents except when they are using the app on Apple devices. Due to the company's rules about explicit contents, such photos cannot be saved or accessed through the app.
      Your friends can check out your photos using browsers like Safari, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

      Why is my photo not verified yet by RedHotPie?

      The verification process takes at least three days. You have to make sure that you followed all the guidelines about the verification photo to avoid inconveniences.

      Why did my messages in my RedHotPie inbox disappear?

      There are three possible reasons why the messages were removed. First, it is more than six months old. Second, the member who sent it was removed from RHP. Lastly, if the message contains inappropriate contents, it will be subjected for evaluation and later on deletion.

      Membership and Payment

      How can I turn off my auto-renew of my RedHotPie premium membership?

      How can I turn off my auto-renew of my RedHotPie premium membership?

      What if I missed a special offer for a RedHotPie Membership?

      Check the upgrade page every now and then because they sure do return their promos once in a while.

      I want to change my credit card credentials for my RedHotPie membership, do I need to pay something?

      Verification of a new credit card costs 1$.

      What will appear on my credit card billing when I pay for RedHotPie membership?

      The billing will be sent by Digital Quarter PTY LTD. RedHotPie will not appear on your statement of account.

      Is there an alternative payment method aside from credit/debit cards?

      You can use a Verotel Account to pay for your RedHotPie membership. For apps, the app provider collects the payment from you-- your card details are not directly linked to your RHP account.


      What can make my RedHotPie profile rejected?

      RHP team will reject profiles which contain the detailed location and private information of the member, bad words, any sort of illegal behaviors, solicitation and money-making scheme, exploitation of minors, nonsense information on the paragraph part to meet the minimum number of required words, language rather than English, and copyright issues.

      I cannot retrieve the old email address I used to sign up for RedHotPie, what should I do?

      It's possible to reset your account if you can provide the original username and email address you used to set up your account.

      My RedHotPie account has been hacked, what should I do?

      Change your password right away and contact the customer service right away for them to verify your identity and reset the account for you.

      What does locked profile mean?

      In RedHotPie, your profile is locked if it is still under review. You have to wait for a few hours to about a day until your profile is approved or rejected. During that time, you are not yet allowed to send messages to any member.

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