AussieCupid Review July 2022

AussieCupid is a dating website aiming to connect singles from the land down under to singles all over the world. As Australia is a big country, it is also made for locals who want to find their true love from anywhere within the country. The platform, owned and operated by Cupid Media Ltd Pty (same creator of Muslima , AsianDating, and GayCupid) is designed for finding love and serious relationships

2,000 Members
 45% ♀ 
 55% ♂ 
Good For:
5 / 5
4 / 5
2 / 5
Success Rate:
37 / 10
30 / 10
31 / 10
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  • Pricing starts at $8.33 / Month - More Information Author Chris Pleines
Chris Pleines
Founder of Datingscout and Author of Online Dating for Dummies
Overall, AussieCupid provides a reliable platform not just for Aussie singles to find lovers, but also for singles all over the world to find an Australian date. AussieCupid makes sure that all its members are authentic by suspending accounts that seem suspicious. This protects members from fraud and insincere interactions. Which is why if you are looking to find love in Australia, or possibly want to date an Aussie, you should sign-up for AussieCupid—it’s free and there’s even a free trial.

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Who is AussieCupid for and not for?

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  • TODO:For singles who want to fall in love
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  • TODO:If you're searching for erotic adventures and casual encounters
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What we like and don’t like on AussieCupid


      Can you try AussieCupid for free?

      • You can use or try the service for free.

      Is AussieCupid expensive or cheap?

      In comparison to other providers AussieCupid is in the upper midfield.

      Duration / Credits / CoinsCostsTotal
      Gold Membership
      1 Month24.98 USD / Month24.98 USD
      3 Months16.66 USD / Month49.99 USD
      12 Months8.33 USD / Month99.98 USD
      Platinum Membership
      1 Month29.98 USD / Month29.98 USD
      3 Months20.00 USD / Month59.99 USD
      12 Months10.00 USD / Month119.98 USD
      AussieCupid Pricing
      Free Services
      • Basic matching
      • Send Interest
      • Communicate with paying members
      Fee-Based Services
      • Live chat with instant messenger
      • Send and receive messages
      • No ads
      • Hide your profile and browse anonymously
      • Rank above other members
      • Double your profile space
      • VIP profile highlighting
      • Exclusive search features
      • Advanced matching algorithms
      • Translate messages into your language

      AussieCupid offers two kinds of membership: Gold and Platinum. Each membership has three types of subscriptions: 1 month, 3 months, and 12 months, which are all billed in one payment. If you are looking to have a long-time membership, you get a 50% discount when you sign up for the 12 months subscription. AussieCupid also offers a 3-month free trial if you upload a photo.

      How can I delete my AussieCupid account and cancel my subscription?

      Please find more information here

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      Who is really signed up here?

      2,000 from USA
      Members activity
      135 active weekly
      Gender Proportion
      30 %
      70 %
      • You get a personal profile which you can fill out
      • Membership count is low
      • Low number of active users
      • There are more male members than female members
      • Majority of users come from Australia and the United States

      AussieCupid has a limited number of registered users. Overall, the total number of members all over the world is below 100,000, with the majority of the members coming from Australia and the United States. The member base of AussieCupid also has a higher percentage of male members. Most male members are within the age range of 35-54, while female members lie within a younger age bracket of 25-34.

      Most users of AussieCupid are looking to find a serious relationship with someone who resides in Australia. Some use the website to look for a local partner, while most are looking for someone to date overseas. Nevertheless, the website is not used to find casual or sexual encounters.


      AussieCupid Age Range and Age Distribution

      • 18-24
      • 25-34
      • 35-44
      • 45-54
      • 55+

      How many members are in your area?

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      AussieCupid in Detail

      • Reading time 16 minutes
      • Lots of insider information for more success

      Signing Up at AussieCupid

      aussiecupid registration
      • Quick and easy registration
      • Signing-up is free
      • 3-month free trial available
      • No email account verification

      Registering for an account in AussieCupid is quick and easy. It can be done in just over a minute! You just need to fill in a form asking for basic information such as your first name, email, gender, sex, and age. You will also be asked to nominate a password, and after clicking the ‘View Singles Now’, you are immediately taken to your member search dashboard. There is no need to verify your email, you can straight up use the website as you wish. You will be prompted to complete your profile, and you will also be offered a 3-month free trial if you upload a profile photo.

      Making Contact on AussieCupid

      aussiecupid search
      • Sending hearts is free
      • Sending messages is only for premium members
      • Replying to messages is free
      • Add interesting users to your favourites list
      • Advanced search filters available
      • There is a chatroom

      Contacting in AussieCupid is limited for free members, as only premium members are able to send messages. What free members can do though is to send hearts and add interesting users to their favorites list. Free members can see who send them hearts, but only premium users can find out who has put them on their favorites list.

      AussieCupid has advanced search filters that enable any member to find someone according to their preference. You can also browse through popular categories or search by using 'Cupid Tags'. Cupid Tags are keywords or key phrases that members put on their profiles so they can be easily found.

      AussieCupid Profile Quality

      AussieCupid Profile
      • Free members can upload up to five photos
      • Profiles can earn a verified badge (to be placed on their profiles) after undergoing a strict verification system
      • Profile information and photo galleries are visible to everyone
      • There are icon indicators if you match the criteria of another member
      • Symbols indicate if a user is a premium member
      • The profiles are quite detailed
      • Profile information and profile photo can be changed later

      The information displayed on your AussieCupid profile depends on how many fields you decide to fill out. Each profile has different tabs that feature different categories of information about you. There is also a tab that is all about the person you are seeking. Most members in AussieCupid just fill out the first page of the profile which asks information about appearance, lifestyle, and cultural background.

      Every profile you visit has an indicator if you match the user’s criteria. The indicators can either be a green 'check' or a red ‘X’. This enables you to swiftly see if there is a field wherein you and the other member don't match, especially when you are only briefly scanning interesting profiles.

      AussieCupid App

      AussieCupid App
      • Same features as the website
      • Member search results are displayed in a linear layout
      • Member search results rarely refresh
      • App not available on iOS

      AussieCupid’s mobile app has the same features as the website. There are four icons found on the interface that serves as the features menu. The main menu is collapsible on the side. Member search results are displayed in a linear layout, which has two icons on top of each member’s profile photo. The two icons are:

      1. A heart that allows you to send interests
      2. A message icon that enables you to quickly send a message

      Similar to the dating site, messaging is strictly for premium members only.

      Special Features

      AussieCupid doesn’t offer any special feature for free members except the ability to view who visited your profile with a timestamp indicated. Free members can also see how long ago each member was last seen online.

      For Platinum premium members, this special feature is offered:

      Messages Translation

      Messages of other members who use a different language can be instantly translated to the language you use. This makes communicating with people from different culture and backgrounds easier.

      How can I delete my AussieCupid account and cancel my subscription?

      Uninstalling the app will not cancel your subscription.

      Will your subscription automatically renew?

        AussieCupid FAQ


        Who owns AussieCupid?

        AussieCupid is owned and operated by Cupid Media Ltd Pty.

        Can non-Australians join AussieCupid?

        Yes, all nationalities are welcome to join AussieCupid.

        Is AussieCupid a legitimate dating website?

        Yes, AussieCupid is owned by a reputable company.

        What is the average age on AussieCupid?

        The average age is 31-40 years. You can find more information here


        How do I send a message in AussieCupid?

        You can click on the ‘Send Message’ button on the member’s profile or click the envelope icon on the member search results display.

        What is the basis of the AussieCupid’s match suggestions?

        Match suggestions are based on the criteria you put on your profile.

        Can I view those who are interested in me?

        Yes, you can view it under the ‘Activity’ tab.


        What security features does AussieCupid offer?

        AussieCupid adheres to standard privacy policies. They also have guidelines and terms of usage that are strictly enforced by their moderators.

        Someone is being offensive. How do I block the user?

        You can click the ‘Block User’ found on the member’s profile or on any conversation page.

        I suspect a scammer, is there any way I can report the user?

        You can click the ‘Report User’ found on the member’s profile or on any conversation page.

        Does AussieCupid sell your data?

        No, AussieCupid does not sell your data.

        Was AussieCupid hacked in the past?

        No, AussieCupid was never hacked.

        How precisely does AussieCupid track your location?

        AussieCupid does not use location tracking.

        Do your AussieCupid profile pictures and/or profile information show up in Google Search Results?

        No, your AussieCupid photos and personal information won’t show up in Google Search Results.

        Who can view your pictures on AussieCupid?

        Pictures need to be unlocked by you before others can view them.

        Is your phone number required for signing up at AussieCupid?

        No, a phone number is not required for signing up at AussieCupid.

        Can you erase your personal data on AussieCupid?

        No, you cannot erase your data on AussieCupid.

        How can I delete my AussieCupid account and cancel my subscription?


        How do I join AussieCupid?

        You can register for an account on their home page.

        Does AussieCupid offer premium membership?

        Yes, AussieCupid offers two kinds of premium membership: Gold and Platinum.

        How do I avail AussieCupid’s free trial?

        By simply uploading a photo, you get to receive a 3-month free trial in AussieCupid.

        How do I permanently delete my AussieCupid account?

        You can delete your account by clicking ‘Delete my account’ in your account setting.

        Can I temporarily deactivate my account?

        Unfortunately, temporary deactivation is not allowed in AussieCupid. However, if you are inactive for six consecutive months, your account will automatically be deactivated.


        Can you try AussieCupid for free?

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        Signing Up: 3.0 / 5
        Making Contact: 3.0 / 5
        Profile Quality: 3.0 / 5
        App: 2.5 / 5
        Real Life Review: 4.0 / 5

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